Friday, 23 September 2016

TGIF: Cultural Love?

woke up this morning expecting to feel shitus but I'm as bright as a button. a cycle after a few pints, the new cure for a hangover. not.  OK, I lie, I'm on my 3rd coffee but I'm living.  so yay! tgif and all that.

been feeling a deep downers all week over the latest spate of killings of Black people in the US, but you know what, fcuk it! pains me to say it but White People are very wicked.  I'm not holding out for some overnight dramatic change in the attitudes of American policing but I really really hope the constant protests make a difference.  We must be heard!

On that note some music.  Discovered DJ Polish, connoisseur of all things Dancehall/Ragga.  You know what, dude might even be Polish.

I remember watching a YT video of these Japanese people on holidays in Jamaica, proper brocking down to the riddim in some shebeen in Kingston.  These Europeans and Asians love off Black people and our culture (so why the racism).


Thursday, 22 September 2016

LinkedIn and Thursday

Received a random LinkedIn message yesterday. Yingkiu, dude I hadn't seen since my masters degree pops out the wood work. 17 fucking years. "how the fuck did you find me?".  And here we are, with another uni guy Tsing tao, like it was yesterday. I thought they'd fucked off back to China after the degree. Ying says he dreamt of us and went searching, Facebook, instagram, etc, till he found us.

So here I am, Thursday night, 4 pints of Guinness to the good and well tipsy, an African and two Chinese men, wondering how the fuck I'm going to get back to London Charing cross and cycle back home. How'd I even blog any of this???

Like they say, memories don't live like people do. It feels like only yesterday we were in the student's bar getting lashed on discount alcohol.

We will live forever! To the next 17

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Black Love Is A Real Thing

Suspension of the Ego

Something I read in Franz Fanon's book struck a chord.  The suspension of the Ego, the abandonment of the competitive spirit. The context was the ego bruising the Black man receives because he's not allowed to be equal in White dominated world.  As a form of self preservation, he suspends his basic competitive nature, perhaps to cope the shame he feels among his peers, his wife, his children.  But this is not about Fanon or an analysis of his writings.  I was having a discussion last night about people who don't fulfill their potential despite having all the tools at hand.  The suspension of ego came to mind.

If you've spent 4/5 years studying Applied Biology, Computer Science, Law, Sociology why would you not push through to practice it?  Such disciplines appeal to high(er) intelligence, spark the hypothalamus.  So why spend all that time building only to let it slide? How is working in Boots, Tesco, etc etc a substitute for such?  I get extenuating circumstance, I do because I've been there.  I've had to give up the clear road due to stuff beyond my control.  But once the path is in sight I've always hopped back on.  Shit, I spent the hardest year and a half getting myself through an advanced Computer science degree at an older age.  Every damn minute and money spent was worth it to get away from the drudgery that was eating away at my day to day life.  Going back to education at an older age is no joke, definitely not for the fainthearted.

I don't want to simply exist.

How could I not hop back on the clear path?  The Spiritual is nice but life is a problem to solve.  Existential

I can only put it down to suspension of one's ego.  It's like deep inside (unconscious even) one feels one cannot compete.  See, the ego is not instinctive it is intellectual cognitive.  It is the self realization of one's conscious self, the structured part of one's personality. Yes at its root is arrogance.  I'm not good I am better.  It isn't about self preservation though it's attributes/side effects are self preserving.  You self preserve and actualize to give yourself a platform to feed your ego.  When you wake up in the morning what would you rather do?  Drag yourself through the drudgery of serving yet another undeserving customer at a till for chicken change or design and write a program to calculate some complex maths.  And not ironically being a professional pays better ey?

I don't know about you but my choice was clear.  I chose not to suspend my ego

Friday, 16 September 2016

TGIF: De La Soul

seems like Yesterday I was complimenting London's great weather.
"Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play / Now I need a place to hide away / Oh, I believe in yesterday"
still good considering time of year. Had a rubbish night sleep, dreaming of duppy and such nonsense. Woke up at 3 am, throat feeling raw and a slight headache. Don't you hate such dreams? Of all things I could dream of it had to be demons and ghosts.  Weirdest bit is I had old secondary school friends helping fight these monsters.  Wonder where these guys are these days? Too random this dream stuff.


Right, TGIF! and all that good stuff.  Didn't know De La Soul's released a new album - and the Anonymous Nobody... 2016. These brothers are timeless and their funk swag is still intact. I mean, seriously tho, check out the track below:

If I was in a club I'd be screaming "reload! reload! reload! selektah!".  Snoop kills it too.

ha! It is a documentary about De La Soul. typical dudes, very humble and understated.  enjoy


TGIF (don't know what images - well for the second i do :))) - below are about but hella dope!)


and finally.  Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane take on a team of 30 children in LA .. how nice. overpaid twats :))

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Server tales

On my way home carrying a great big server.

Big black buduff buduff box of a server. Super fast box with way too much memory and CPU. I'm certain this is the one we downloaded all those bootleg movies on, probably still there. It will go with the sofa. The office is throwing away all the great big servers.  We all have state-of-the-art Dell and Apple laptops now. These will get thrown away one day too.

Yeah great big server

Sun, Tombs and Goddesses

Good morning world! 

Yes you guessed right, I'm on a train. Seems like the only time I blog anything these days.

Been a glorious London week, what with the sunshine and beautiful weather. Almost as good as Cyprus was last week. 

Yes, was out there for a week with the wife and boys, along the coast line of Argaka village.  More like a very small town/hamlet, very much off the tourist trail.  Hired a villa, a stone's throw from the beach, and a car, and promptly dropped off the digital grid. Did a bit of touristy stuff, visited the bath of Aphrodite, the tomb of the Kings in Paphos (ironic as no actual King is buried there). Was expecting something akin to Egyptian tombs but was disappointed. No ancient civilization has a patch on our Nubian ancestors. Did dip my hands in the Aphrodite bath, get some goddess blessings on my heathen ass. Driving out there is a tad dicey though (imagine being tail-gated at 100 mph!). I'm Nigerian.

Yeah back to London. Long may the Indian summer continue. Worship the Sun God. Melanated people.


Watched a saneter video were they interviewed a Catholic priest, African brethren from Burkina Faso. Good interview and the guy handled his bit well. The Catholic Church seem to have modified their message because when asked about traditional African religion his reply was along the lines of it being OK. Bit I found off putting was implication that we worshipped the same thing. Not true and a tad disingenuous, insidious even. Christianity (as well as other Abrahamic faiths) is a monotheistic religion, something very at odds with our way of life, culture and ancestral reverence. Not long ago they were calling us heathens that needed Christ.  Would it be the falling catholic numbers and the rise of the evangelicals that's tempered their views? Never quite know with these people and their destructive enslaving colonial ways.

One thing is for sure, we will outlive their way of life.


During the holidays I reread Franz Fanon's "black skin white mask". Forgotten how much it was also a book of psychology. Dense reading on starting but soon you can't put it down. Some passages/questions are just plain fascinating. Assertions like "the anti-semite created the Jew" and explanation/case studies of such show how deep it goes. What I like about the book is its objective focus and its strong messages.

Required reading