Monday, 13 November 2017

Sweet Cameroon

[ghostface killah's One plays in the background] "A-yo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies"

Cameroon, beautiful Cameroon.  The ongoing fractious Anglophone/Francophone divide would be very laughable if it wasn't for the pure chaos and destruction it has wrought.  Cameroon, Rio dos Camarões, Africa in miniature. What have the English and French European Colonists and their mother tongues done to you Dear Mother? Why are you so divided by foreign cultures and religions?

Do you remember how beautiful you are?

This is Africa

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The 08:12 Train to London Charing Cross

Ride till the wheels fall off. Yeah, me old bicycle's kinda brock at the moment so I find myself on the train. Man I love that bicycle, it has served me well.  I've not been on a morning rush hour train in a super long time. People squashed up against each other, people have potted arguments about opening the window ("it's cold mate! shut it!"). Still kinda eerie how a packed train can be so quiet. Did get a super bright smile from a lady stood by the door. There's hope.

I'm at odds at home. My wife wants to do this Christian marriage blessing thing, I don't want anything to do with the Roman Catholic Church.  Thank Allah my mother hasn't got wind of this (being a deacon in the local parish and all). Maybe its a female thing, seeking God as age advances.  My wife wasn't even raised in a Catholic family.  I have no issue with religious beliefs and such but I'm convinced in my heart that God is not without but within.  I don't subscribe to any religion and their many ceremonies. I would do it if I just had to attend. Nope. There all these vows and ish and I'll be eff'd if I have to make any of them. It would be hypocritical anyway. Convictions of the heart and for once I'm going to listen to myself


To Tithe or not to Tithe.

When you see these Mega Churches and their celebrity Pastors, jetting the globe in private jets, top of the range cars, luxuries etc, you know whose pockets it all comes from.  Poor mothers, working men, beggars,  politicians, desperate people, all begging God for one mercy or the other, living purely on hope (and proceeds of corruption in the case of the Politicians).  Monthly tithes paid to these self appointed men of the cloth.  But fair enough, maybe there is a Biblical basis for it.  Or is there?  Watch the video below,  Daddy Freeze, popular Nigerian radio personality doesn't think so, calls these thieves out.  There's a mug born every day

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Chilled With The Still

Does anyone remember that advert from the 90s? Had that tag line Chilled With The Still. Can't remember if it was a drink or mobile phone ad. Oasis drink?

DJ Complexion dropped The Future Beats Show #160.  fiyah! super chilled Trap soul and Ambient beats.  Just love the way he weaves in rnb and hip hop refixes into the mix.  So gotta attend one of his London raves before I exit terra firma.

If I was still into make ze babies ...

Five Guys Named Moe @The Funky Butt Club

Nothing beats Theatre on a rainy Tuesday London night, especially the musical kind.  Five Guys Named Moe @The Marble Arch Theatre was fantastic! Took my very reluctant sons to see it and by the interval they were up dancing as part of the Conga Line.

Nice way to break up a dull week.  The music, from the Louis Jordan collection, was all soul, very upbeat rhythm and blues and swing.  And a very dope touch of Calypso!

The dancing was top notch, the audience implored to participate at every turn.  I'm gonna cop me some CDs and get back into the classics.   

Set in New Orleans and loosely fashioned around the redemption of a wayward drunken guy, it is a feelgood morality story.  Mess around on the drink and you'll lose your woman. 

A must see for the family, very educational and bloody good fun!


Savage Podcasts (18+ Audio)

Oh dear! I get on one and I can't stop lol.  

fug it.  let's talk about sex.  Or rather listen to others talk about it.  I've been listening to season 6 of The Savage Life podcasts by Raquel Savage and her guests from across the Adult Entertainment industry for a minute.  Raquel Savage is a popular Sex Therapist / Entertainer and has been active on social media for a minute.  As raw as it gets.  Part curiosity, insight, and bloody good information.

Heard of a Pay Pig? Neither have I :~)

Never used to be big on podcasts but have found them great company.  With these ladies there is never a dull moment

Hosted by 2KLIFE Network these girls unapologetically kill it.  I don't judge and will listen to any and every.  For what is essentially a sex podcast you get some very good social and political insights (women's rights etc).  You're also reminded at the end of the day these women are everyday people, trying to earn a living


Oh yeah forgot, a Pay Pig ...

What a ting! Findom Fetish.  Now I've heard it all

Monday, 6 November 2017

First Dog on the Moon... One day the Poor will eat the Rich

The Paradise Papers.. According to First Dog on the Moon

Cue weeks of outrage, revelations and promises to change things and then everything will continue as before.  Amen

Sunday, 5 November 2017

To sex or not to sex

Sex is not always about intimacy. Sometimes all you want is a nut (no, my right hand is not my best friend).  Don't know the difference between the sexes but (me thinks) men can do the do and keep it moving. As always, I generalize. Had a friend call, ranting how his wife is not giving up the tings. Join the club. Didn't feel like getting into the discussion, his wife a good friend too, conflicted (plus two sides to the story and all). ok, so what, like how long this been going on? 6 months. What?! Come again? she's tired, the kids, work, don't feel like it, blah. I could hear the deep resentment in his voice. I'd sat up at this point. 1 or 2 weeks without sex, yeah I can live with that, 3 weeks at a push. but 6 months? Struggled to comprehend the time period.  Still, it's not unusual, I know of/read about women in their 40s 50s who have gone off sex, lack of interest, maybe fallen out of love with their mate, hormones, circumstances.  I've experienced it too. Asked my boy which one he thought it was, he couldn't say.

Discussions of sex (especially lack of) between couples can be very difficult. We play a role in relationships, the caterer, the nurturer, the kids, homework, bills, the many responsibilities. It's very easy for the spice of the union to be supplanted by the functional.  You play your part for the greater good of the family.  A discussion of what toy or lifestyle change can spice up the sex life inappropriate when the kids are piled in the middle of the bed. The longer it goes unsaid the harder it becomes to revisit simpler times. Sex on 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Nothing is spontaneous anymore. The lack of and affordability of babysitting means time alone together is a luxury. Nights out few and very between. So sex becomes the furtive something you take when you can get it.  Which is not a bad thing in my opinion. But this might work for the dude, not the woman.  perhaps she needs a more intimate setting to seek her nut. She might not be feeling the odd quick shag but son is tired of spanking the monkey.

:-) oh! the joys of modern living

We brain on it some more, throw in some radical ideas (no, best you don't know what), I try to ease dude's mind (you'll never walk alone). No easy advice other than the kids will grow and you two will get you own time again. He asks what if it's too late by then.
Its never too late. If you remember why you two came together in the first place then you can salvage the relationship. Reignite the spark.

I'm the eternal optimist