Monday, 28 July 2014

Get Ta Steppin'

Been a blog minute.  All's well, been riding all last week, "trying" to keep fit (give up that smoking son!) in preparation for the September 2014 Amnesty International London To Brighton ride, general re-focus on improving my lot. Just realized I'm triple booked for events that weekend, black tie dinner, christening, will be interesting juggling the lot.

A change of job has moved up high in my priorities, need to earn a lot more money and fast.  the kids growing up mad fast, parents agitating a move back to Nigeria, bank balance in permanent red.. you know the drizzy drill :~)

Mos Def will always be for me that quintessential Afrocentric B-Boy rapper. But the boy got that vocal soul. I'd all but forgotten about this wikid joint, "Get Ta Steppin'", off Hi-Tek's 2001 album "Hi-Teknology", a product of a golden era of conscious Hip Hop 

And a nice tribute mixtape to the man himself

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Extraction Event

The numbing injections did hurt a bit. Pain was the least of my worries.

"do you want to put these glasses on before we begin?"
"what are they for? looks trendy"
to make you look super cool as I pull your fucking tooth out
"they are protective glasses, health and safety"

Assistant lady tells Dentist chick a funny story about her recent holiday in Armenia. I am too numb to join in the laughter.

"are you OK?"
"no. the rinse fluid tastes awful"
stop ya bombaclaat moaning, ain't even started yet
"you will feel a tugging pulling motion, signal to me if it hurts"

Visions of a Gestapo torture chamber fills my dome.  But just like that, it's over, didn't even get to wince. Dentist has yanking tool in her hand, my upper left molar tooth between its tip.


Utopia, series 2 is back on Channel 4 and what a cracker!  The origins and purpose of the Janus virus from series 1 finally gets explained, we also get much needed back story on some of the leading protagonists.  Deep and very violent story line and excellent scripting and acting. Milner, the boss of the shadowy organisation, The Network, is a complete bitch with some fucked up sensibility ideals.  My favourite character still has to be the Asian dude, Wilson Wilson.  Bonafide nerd

Now that's how you fill the void left by the World Cup 2014


Nothing riles me like the Israel/Palestinian issue. Racist Zionist campaign designed to completely and relentlessly dispossess the indigenous Palestinians of their birthright lands and homes, their lives as meaningless as "collateral damage".  The silence about this ongoing atrocity is deafening.

I just listened to a BBC report on the current troubles, 170+ Palestinians dead, zero Israeli casualties, yet the tone of the report framed it as some sort of "conflict". Some random UN spokesperson called for "calm" on both sides, the Egyptian government in the process of organising "peace" talks.  The Israeli air-force even bragged about their "humane" sounding a warning "knock" (dropping a dud bomb) on Palestinian roofs before they commence actual aerial bombardment.  The Israeli government even dares to blame Hamas, accusing them of using civilians as human shields. It sounded all very bizarre and all I could think of was Monty Python and Buju's song "Murderer".  Media double-speak, dangerous, racist, stage managed desensitisation. Complicity in murder because it fits some sort of fucked up American/Eurocentric world view.

did Rihanna bottle it? or did the machine make her? #FreePalestine
did she bottle it? or did the machine make her?

Pro-Israel lobby fucks. Some how these vampires fuck have muddied up the conversation so much you can't even show support without the threat of censorship. I've been engaged in endless battles with them on different popular forums over the years and their reach and tenacity is scary.  On one occasion I was branded racist for questioning Israel's credentials as a legitimate state.  I got so much insults in my inbox I just gave up on the website.  Woe the artist or activist who dares to criticise the machine. For the politician it's political suicide.

Gaddafi coughs they take him out, Sadam sneezes they lay his country to waste, false accusations of WMD.  Around the world the vampires perpetuate and endorse bullshit murderous acts against the poor and voiceless, leaving their lives in disarray, stupid geo-politriks and naked greed at the heart of it. Not one condemnation from a western government against Israel, not a pip. I know all this already, just does my fucking head in. And they wonder why the western born Muslim children rise to calls of jihad. The Arab who should show meaningful solidarity to Palestinian is busy fighting himself to death.  Shia this, Sunni that, discord, zero unity amongst themselves to muster any response as the vampires bleach their brethren.

As Jeru the Damaja's rap song goes, "Ain't the devil"

"When, only we can save us
Mentally enslave us, for little or nothing kill our neighbors
Animalistic, caniballistic, behavior
Look to the sky for your savior
He won't save ya, he didn't save your forefathers
Why bother, brothers? You must discover
The power of self, know thyself, or find thyself
Hating thyself, killing thyself
While he collects the wealth that you sit back and murder for
Ain't the devil happy"



folks get brown in the sunshine

Another glorious day in London city and all I have to look forward too later today is a tooth extraction.  Bummer! I'd really gotten attached to that tooth.  Been lethargic for the last few days so the bright sunshine's lifted my spirits.  When the mind is heavy and too much to do life can feel overbearing, so sunshine and a sit in the garden is always welcome.

Great day to go to beach too, Margate or Ramsgate, Brighton, anywhere along the coast.  Beach day in the week is unbeatable, no crowds, no screaming children to chase about, can catch a nap and the odd swim.  Not done any as yet, got to before the sun disappears.  Better yet plan a holiday, lord knows I'm overdue one.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Don't know much about the burlesque scene in the UK but definitely gotta go to a show one day.




"Even in my intoxicated and horny state I sensed that this encounter wasn’t the first of many. However, what Ezra did next confirmed my suspicions. Without warning he spun me around so I was facing the mirror over the skink, flung my dress up so it curtained over my ass, dropped to his knees and slipped his tongue inside me.
It was crazy. It was like the level of intoxication doubled yet sobered me up at the same time. Ezra’s hands cupped my cheeks and spread them as he begun to suck and French kiss my nukki from behind. I wanted to release, let me moans out but couldn’t; people would hear me – even over the loud music and chatter." 



"Their kisses were soft and tender and Shawn was amazed at the passion the two women shared.  In all of the times they had shared the fantasy in the privacy of their bedroom, Shawn never expected Jamie to be so creative when making love to another woman.  He took notes as she spread Jamie’s pussy lips and licked and sucked her hard clit.  Ramming her tongue deep inside Kia’s hole, Jamie used her tongue to fuck her like a dick."

"Indeed, love me tender.  Take me in your arms and shower me with kisses, on the nape of my neck, my weary shoulders, down my back . . . between my legs.  Hold me in your arms and let me smell your scent.  Massage me, caress me, touch all my sensitive places.  My nipples get so hard; they are so sensitive to your touch.  Play with them.  Drive me to distraction, stimulate and arouse me with your words, your touch, your kisses, and your soul.  Fill your hands with the fullness of my ass when my legs wrap around you, and only you, giving you my juicy, wet treasure.  I don’t want a casual fuck, I don’t want maintenance sex."

Monday, 14 July 2014

What to do when footy's not on

Sigh.  Brazil World Cup 2014 done, missing it already.  Last night's final had the whole yard gripped, parents, one of my boys and his family. Impromptu party, lots of wine and beer.  Half supporting Messi's Argentina, I and the rest Germany.  When Germany scored.. Mayhem.  Even baby was jumping.  The neighbours must think my household is bonkers.  Deserved victory and I had a silly smile on my face going into my office this morning. £85 for the right call. Not bad, should have gone to the bookies too.

Next is to figure out what to do night times. Gotten used to getting home, reading or watching a game preamble, then settling down for 90-120 minutes of intense patriotic driven football.  I find premiership football generally vacuous, the FA and Champions league Cup and their knockout format my kinda game.

Germany, Winners, World Cup 2014

Man wins one million pounds on Germany vs Argentina game World Cup 2014

Friday, 11 July 2014

In the matrix only the machines can hear you scream

A long week, bit weird-ish, but done. Long working hours, working from home not making much difference. Will try to chill out this weekend..

Been ambivalent after the last weekend and finding it incredibly hard to shake the feeling. It's like a cold mist has enveloped the soul and refuses to lift. Rhyme and reason distorted, cognitive dissonant. Is why one must not deal with or add fuel to issues that "seemingly" have no resolution. If one deals with some issue for too long, especially something unresolved, one starts to harbour an unconscious resentment. The slightest of things, especially where they relate to issues of old, brings the resentment to fore, make it anew as if it was yesterday.  Doesn't matter how the current pans, the anger and ill feelings of the past will play out. It's like a Time Machine

Never mind, the weekend is here. Will possibly feel right as rain by the new week. One can hope.

An Ode to Amy Winehouse

So it's Friday, I flip the script.  Been listening to Amy's original stuff off the tracks I heard on the Funky DL tribute remixes.  This particular track touched me.  Love is one of those things.. it's is free, can be given to the wrong person, a joy when shared with the right one.  Some do call it Fool's Gold...

Amy's original

Funky DL's take

Thursday, 10 July 2014

An Ode to Funky DL

Used to be back in the day Funky DL had a special intro tune to DJ 279's Choice FM Rap show.  Nuff UK heads I learnt about on that show, it was that definitive of what was good about Choice FM and what was good in UK Hip Hop and beyond.  279 is still on the scene, organizing the excellent club night Throwbaak.  And Funky DL? I swear there's something in the water flowing through London's Hackney, a lot of the UK emcees and producers I've really come to rate hail from there. As it is my man is still putting out those incredibly dope, Jazz infused Hip Hop beat ...

Man! Amy Winehouse! had to fucking die init? Beautiful Beautiful Voice! RIP

You know say man hafi drop Amy's original track still.  Sample for Funky DL's track's lifted at 1:01 minute mark of the video. This woman left us too soon.

Oh boy! the remix of Virgo is so fucking nice! features Nas, Ludacris, Lei-an. Funky DL has board skills for days!!! Yeah.. the Virgo male, can be very kind and caring, and fucked up all at once. Complicated fella
Evokes memories of my b-boy days. I remember seeing Ty (featured on the track) perform this track at the Jazz Cafe, best show I've ever been to


A typical Thursday midday blog post

Not much today, except Argentina are through to the World Cup 2014 final, it's raining Cats and Dogs in London, it's almost Friday and I'm working from home.  And.. lemme see.. nothing else really.

Been banging on DJ Rahdu's The Diamond Soul XXXperience 013.  At 17 minutes into the mixtape, Rahdu drops Hackney born London boy Funky DL's amazing instrumental track, "A Tribute to J Dilla & Nujabes - Untitled/Sky is Falling". Incredible blend of the two greatest beatsmiths (R.I.P) in Hip Hop!  The page also features interviews with Funky DL where he talks about Nujabes finding his mobile number on the back of one of DL's records, calling him and flying him out to Japan to record together. Great stuff

Brought back memories of standing in the lobby of the Scala music venue, engaged in an animated conversation lauding the merits of these guys.  I've linked the track for the rewind crew :))

The individual tracks:




And of course, the full 013 Rahdu mixtape


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Maheeda (NSFW 18+ uncensored)

Didn't know much about home gal Maheeda other than her featuring on an Afrobeat Mixtape I've been bumping for a minute. Lyrics so raw had to see if she had a video out and... Oh la la!

But the original queen of Afrobeat runs has got to be AfroCandy a.k.a Ikebe.  First heard Ikebe in a club in Surulere, Lagos and all the girls were on it, raw moves and all.  Wouldn't dare play any of this around my mom's that's for sure lol! Will get cuffed round the head!

.. And just to throw in some Naija/Afrobeat sensual x-rated randomness ...

Belo Horizonte stadium looked beautiful in the sunshine..

.. As Germany ripped Brazil to shreds. A complete Blitzkrieg in World Cup 2014. Has never happened in a semi final before, and nothing of the sort ever to Brazil. Schadenfreude for their crap thuggish play against the Colombians.

This should have been Brazil's competition, this was meant to be their crowning glory, Christ the Redeemer, the Copacabana, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The bleeding Girl from Ipanema. A 7-1 thrashing at the hands of the German Mannschaft Man Machine was not in the prophecy. At 5-0 you could visibly sense the German team step on the brakes, even they seemed embarrassed for the hosts. I think this is the first time a football game mirrored it's society. A reflection of the Brazilian psyche. Stadia filled with White middle class Brazilians, Black favela born imploding on the pitch

At least Brazil can be cheerful, they still have Sergio Mendes, the white sand beaches, Pele, Brazilian hair and.. The Olympics? Yes, forgot that. More importantly they can get back to their lives. The joga bonito bubble has truly burst

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

No breakfast

Bish! Left home expecting to grab a pattie and a black Colombian coffee but the pattie shop is closed! Serves me right for being lazy, been up since 6.15 am, more than enough time to make some breakfast. Or maybe I am bored of the usual fare.

Nice sunny morning, pace pedestrian, lots of pretty sun-kissed people. I feel peaceful like I ain't felt in a few days (almost). Cold almost lifted, not too much football on, less shit about.  Sometimes you have to disassociate from the mental interference, that radio static designed to eff the good vibe.  One's own mental space can be a good place, one can zone out shit and hear one's self think.  Some runnings I simply refuse to get into again, had enough of that last year. 

Remembered a conversation from the other day. Why are UK black teens and young adults prone to some real crap decisions and lifestyles?  From silly crimes, teenage pregnancy, to doing jack shit with their uni degrees, our kids just can't get it right. Where did we go wrong? And what is it about the UK that lends to it?  I don't remember experiencing this level of crap back in Nigeria, your average youth full of confidence and eager to take on the world. Seen the same thing with kids over from the Caribbeans, that get up and go attitude. Over here the kids tend to be over aggressive, low on expectations and self confidence. I fear for my sons and may have to send them back to Nigeria for a bit, harden their spines.

Monday, 7 July 2014


Bit of a hectic weekend, football, parties, South Bank Center's "Festival Of Love".

Took my parents, sister and the kids to the festival. Boy did we have some big ol' arguments lol. "Park here", "No Park there!", "I'm hungry, I want chips!", "No I want fish!", "Shut up!", "Don't tell them to shut up!".  I was at my wits end, but sister was good humored enough to diffuse all tension. "Would anyone like a cup of tea from the cafe?". Good girl.

So weekend running was the usual, not so usual and downright off-key. I bumped into a very distraught lady whose first date out with her new "boyfriend" was to be taken to a Swingers club.  Dude told her he was a millionaire from Dubai (she later found out he was Pakistani), and on the date he brought along with some other "girl". You could try and make these things up.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Football Fever

Who gets a cold in summer? For three days I've been feverish, sneezing, coughing, body aching, general running a cold. I suffer the odd sniffles and not had a major cold in a few years. Blame the kids. Better slow my blogging roll, my brain cells are starting to ache..

Doesn't help that the World Cup is on and one had to endure a helluva match in USA vs. Belgium last night. I thought Ghana vs. Germany was the ultimate but this was next level football.  Tim Howard was a beast in goal and saved a ton of goals, apparently the highest number of saves in a game since 1966. I was hoarse by the end of that game, imploring the yanks to pour forward, and my word did they bring it on in the final 10/15 minutes.

The Belgians had to defend their lead with their last drop of sweat against the American blitzkrieg, furiously seeking that equaliser, an offensive storm the yanks whipped out when you swore there was no energy left in them. Incredible fitness levels and intense commitment, the English should take note of it (and be very ashamed). At the World Cup it's more than a game. You leave every single drop of sweat on that pitch. An interesting aside is the number of black and mixed race guys in the USA squad.  Didn't even know black heads did soccer like that, and they were skillful. More importantly I can see an upward trajectory, and USA will really be a team to fear by World Cup 2018/2022.