Thursday, 28 August 2014

Here comes the Sun (dah-dah-dah-dah)

It's been kinda miserable weather since Monday but Yay-e-Yayeee! (best Ice Cube impression) here comes the Sun.  Ok, ain't blazing, but at 22 degrees celsius I'm good.  Bodes well because I've been cycling in earnest in preparation for the 7th of September, my second London-To-Brighton ride of the year.  Yeah, I know, kinda crazy doing another 60K ride, but hey, I like pain lol. Nah, it's good, pays for my vices (been good, ain't smoked a cigarette since Monday.. so far) keeps me fit-ish.

My brother is around to train together for a few days, straight showed me up this morning with his energetic bursts and reflexes.  Yikes, got mad work to do by next week. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, I've got a tune of the day.  Never paid much attention to J Dilla's brother but this is a nice jam featuring your favourite rapper's rapper, Common ...

Enjoy the rest of your day.  On the real, kiss a loved one.


True(-ish) talk.  Boy meets Girl.  They have a couple of drinks in a bar and get frisky-kissy.   Girl halts proceedings. She pulls out a "Non Disclosure Agreement" document.

"If you want to fcuk me you have to sign this document. A formal version of whatever happens in Vegas.. you get the drift"
"What? Like right now"
"Yup. If not you don't get the tushy"

Boy looks confused, scratches head.  A first. Does he sign? Does he get up and walk away? What exactly is an NDA document? Does he take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill? This is unusual, this dread feeling he's been here before, but when, where.. How?  has something changed in the Matrix?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

post bank holiday blues b/w Ebola Handshakes

Nope, not from 2014 Carnival

It's been a really manky Tuesday morning, no let up from the incessant rain that fell all yesterday. Feel sorry for anyone who went Monday's Carnival day. Talking of Carnival, the organizers should move it to July, has become a Bank Holiday washout event in recent years.  Though how they can I couldn't say, lol, there's no bank holidays in June or July.  Maybe create a carnival day or something, it's that big an institution.  I'm sure the bankers won't mind. C'mon Boris! do something!

The Ebola pandemic has shaken up some customs we take for granted. My cousin called yesterday, gisting how there's all these new elaborate non-handshakes going on in Nigeria, the most popular being the Naija Chop (some Obama style elbow bump, not to be confused with Nigerian Food).

Also said there's this crazy ass boom in Hand sanitizers and stuff.  I told him my brother we have been sanitizing since Bird Flu o! no be new ting!  Nigerians (and Black folk in general) are big on elaborate handshakes, from the Igbo traditional back palm three times followed by a firm clasp, to the nation wide time enduring firm hand clasp ended with a loud finger tick.  I already trying to imagine a land with no handshakes :))).  Lucky we don't do European cheek kiss business, would be so obvious it's absence

So what is the feeling on the ground? ..

looooooooooooooooollllll!!!!!!!! Super Hand Sanitizer

Its them! Bushmeat eating bloody Liberian and Sierra Leone peoples! nothing is sacred for them. monkey o! antelope o! bush rat and all kinds of nonsense forest animals! Haven't you heard of Cow!  Actually smoked bush rat dey sweet for stew. I bet it's the Ghanaians secretly spreading ish, forever wanting to be top dog in West Africa.  Chale stop am!

On a serious note, My cousin says it's no joke these days, 8 cases confirmed in my old city of Enugu.  I hope it's contained soon, life is getting harder for those affected.  Amen

Friday, 22 August 2014


carnival weekend, nice. Bit of Amy Winehouse and Funky DL

@1.25 he goes "Yo! Ann can I slide into your ride? We can hide, other couples looking green eyed, be my pride as we walk down the seaside". yeah, lovely turn of verse!

West Point, Monrovia, Liberia

I've been watching and listening to news reports on the Ebola Virus and it's spread through across West Africa.  Part dread, a tad morbid fascination, mostly anger that it wasn't contained.  But it's easy to sit here in London and make judgement without understanding the context of this deadly virus and some of the environments from which its originated from.  West Point, a township in Monrovia, Capital of Liberia, one of the poorest slums in West Africa.

the title of the video is sensational but the Vice News documentary is very good and informative

I've always paid a passing interest in West Point, ever since learning about it during the Liberian Civil War of the Late 80s/90s.  Constant news reports of fighting, destruction and war atrocities.  I remember fund raisers in University collecting donations for the victims of the war.  The pictures were very harrowing and desperate.  Watching this video was weird, like going back in a time machine.  Minus the bloodshed, nothing had changed, the poverty still very desperate, sanitation non existent.   The perfect condition for a virus such as Ebola to thrive and spread.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cali Dreamin'

Tiombe Lockhart's take on the classic is sweet

Dag Savage (Johaz and Exile) sampled Tiombe's joint something lovely.  Still feindin' off their show @Scala some months ago

Naked Soul

Thursday, 14 August 2014

We are Michael Brown

The American Military Industrial complex has invaded the Local police forces and now they need Military armament to protect civilians. The Homeland Security Act is firmly implemented.  I can think what is worse; Cops with military hardware or Cops with agendas. The two together.. shudder.  Who is the enemy?

Some things will never change.  Us against them, we just need bigger guns. Eff the po-lice

"there's no diversity cos we are burning in the melting pot"

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hung like a..

Dang, last night left me smashed and hung the fcuk this morning. Don't ask, like who goes for after work drinks on a Tuesday? Some American colleague over to meet clients insisted we all go out, everything on him. So a quick drink turned into 4/5 pints of Guinness and one very sore head. The sight of my trusty bicycle made me feel like going straight back to bed. No, I took the train in.

Insightful drinking session.  The Intel flew thick and fast, who was getting sidelined, who had out-stayed their company welcome (me?), general work ups and downs.  Learned that my director was on his (forced) way out which made me kinda sad, like my only real link left in the company. I felt extremely protective as I argued in his favour, but maybe it was alcohol sentiments. I really care, but in this cold world of venture capital you sink or swim. My director opened the door to the investors (vampires?), but couldn't deliver value in the time-frame. So Mr Investor decides he has to recoup, (stealthily) brings in "specialists" to lend a hand, fix things. Around us things have changed so much and really fast, so much so that we don't really know who owns or runs what.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Tarrus Riley @The Love Situation, August 2014

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Tarrus Riley concert last night @The Forum, London, Kentish Town, featuring Dean Fraser, Alaine and others. Dubbed "The Love Situation Tour" it was packed to the rafters and the complete showcase of Lovers and Conscious roots.

Awesome is an understatement.

Dean Fraser killed it on the Saxophone, had to mine youtube for his tunes...