Monday, 29 September 2014

Savage in the pursuit of happiness

This particular scene from Spike Lee's 1999 movie Summer of Sam always stayed with me, a reference of sorts.  Vinny goes into a vicious rage because he can't deal with having witnessed his wife have sex with other men in a swingers club they just visited.  Doesn't matter that he was in the thick of it.

"You're a faggot fucking hairdresser!"

Lol, classic come back. especially with the Abba track "Dancing Queen" playing in the background.

Hypocritical and selfish.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.  It's not uncommon and if you live long enough you'll witness all sorts.  The irrational and hypocritical exist in all walks but in the swinger setting it must be rather a unique kind.  The couple are there for the same reasons of exotic erotic sexual pleasure.  Granted one half is always going to be more into it than the other, and that can present it's own unique issues, but a dude getting all salty because he simply can't handle his woman getting thoroughly fucked in front of him? that she just might be more into it and having more fun than he is?


I fcuks with Abba all day.  Their songs were the soundtrack to many a far-out drive across Nigeria with my old man, those fat 8-Track cassette tapes and shit.  Used to get into big fights with my older brother on who had the change-the-tape duties.

On another note, an interesting Sway interview where he grills CeeLo Green about his swinging sex days.  Heather B's face had me cackling at the monitor!

Heather B was my girl from back in the day 90s Golden Era NYC Hip Hop, one of the few very hardcore rap chicks around back then, the the video "My Kinda Nigga" tells you what her steelo was. 

Still smile each time I see her anchoring Sway's morning show :))).  My Kinda Nigga

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Happy birthday Mother

Had one of those. Party hard night before, chilled out Sunday birthday lunch for my mother.

I was knackered but very happy to see my Mum all smiling as we piled into the really scrumptious Japanese food, quaffing glasses of plum wine. My mother's your typical libra, seeks and loves the attention and acting the spoilt child. She deserves it still, Lord knows her mother hen ways has got the family past many a sticky situation. 73, sprighty and strong, the matriarch.

Friday, 26 September 2014

TGIF b/w Spinning Tops

Good Friday and all that good stuff.  Had some clarity of thought over the last couple of days, where I want to go next, that elusive next level.  It can be hard this clarity thing, especially with the distractions of trying to live everyday life, bills, kids, family stuff.  I'm not entirely hopeless just too impulsive to properly concentrate on stuff that should be done.  All good.  As my Nigerian Igbo peoples say "Whenever you wake up is your morning".  Always like that proverb.

Sod deep introspection, I'm ready to let hair down and step away from work, that tangled mess of Computer code and Exotic processing systems.  Music please, of the chilled out variety.  Got one song and got it's instrumental/vocal-ish remix. Spinning Top baby!

Though I heard the second YouTube video first (and more akin with my Hip Hop sensibilities) the lyrics of this has really grown on me.
But this is that head nod, snap necks shit. I feel like spitting 16 bars over this :~)). I'm a crap rapper really lol

If you like that background instrumental music while you work or clean the yard then check out my man and fellow blogger Todd Kelley (a.k.a) Big La's The Background Flow 32 mixtape.  I've known Todd since the heydays of blogging, back in '04/'05.  Dude has put me onto so many sounds and at one time shared his music collection with me.

Always comes true!

Peace and Equality


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chill Trappin'

The music genre that is Chill Trap.  It's like .. how can I describe it .. like the love child of Timbaland's futuristic beats, by the way of R&B, by the way of Dubstep.

What is Trap anyway?

Interesting ey?  I've heard a few Trap rap tunes, Gucci Mane, some Rick Ross, never quite got (into) it. Should have figured from the numerous drug references. The hooked on medicinal syrup slurring state-of-mind nasal rap shit ey?

Anji Bee's great mixtape Chillcast #415 selects a number of top tunes from the Chill Trap sound.

Very electronic driven sound, dope and cool.  Definitely music to grind to or whatever. Take your pick.  Kid Ink's "Sunset" and STWO's "Aura" kinda sum up the genre

As a departure and very Trap unrelated is the work the Hip Hop DJs do with the MPC machine.  Never seen or heard much till I went to a Blu and Exile show where producer Exile went loco with the sound ...  a crazy night!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Real Talk in London

"A record contract is like a loan from the bank with horrible interest rates"

"Once a Man, twice a Baby"

"Real journalism is printing something someone doesn't want you to print. Everything else is just public relations"

Great interview (starts at 10:00 minutes into the video)

Jewels upon mad Jewels boy!

The interview features your favourite Rapper's Rapper and activist Immortal Technique.  Very intelligent brother and I love the way Tech breaks down the science of the record industry, immigration, corporate greed, urban destitution, real life.  He even breaks down his experiences performing in London.  Rare you come across such a rapper, very in touch with the environment he's come from.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Avoid eating bush meat

The Catalan, Ukrainian and Pashtun separatists must be very very disappointed with the Scottish naysayers.

The No majority probably had a large swing due to the Mail On Sunday style scaremongering, but its probably more nuanced than that.  don't buy into the stereotypical Scottish cynicism, a fine people.

It's a 300+ years old union, a lot of Scots are in their comfort zone and don't feel the need to change, if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it, the promises of more devolved powers probably enough for them.  A testament that no one died in the process.  Don't worry Alex and Andy, you can get the Yes vote next generation.

So Ebola lock down in Sierra Leone has begun. Really impassioned speech from President Ernest Koroma on the radio this morning:
"My Government has declared a three-day stay at home Ose to Ose Ebola Tok campaign to get this message to every house and family in the country. Everybody in every house in every community in this country is very important in our fight against Ebola. Avoid touching each other, avoid eating bush meat, avoid visiting the sick, avoid attending funerals, report illnesses and deaths to the nearest health facility or call 117."
The 117 helpline number caught my attention the most, almost dialled it (Dude, shut up).  Don't ask

It's Friday and I've got a favourite tune of the week from sexy Nigerian Diva singer Tiwa Savage

Sweetheart got mad stick for this video.  Mostly my Nigerian peoples. Don't even get that

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Caliphate state of mind

Hell of a job establishing an Islamic caliphate isn't it? I'll stick to my day job.

And so the War Machine cranks up full mode.  You try not to really hear it but the din is everywhere. Australian leader Tony Abbott on the BBC world service, spouting nonsense about homegrown Islamic threats as he prepares to send 600 troops and weaponry to Iraq (Australia you say?), Obama threatening to bomb anything that moves.  I can't keep up and now I read the Americans want to arm "moderate" rebels in the North of Syria to fight ISIS (what ah ting!). Like really?  I thought the Europeans and the US were busy sanctioning Russia for the very same reason, for supporting the Ukrainian separatists? One rule for the US.. Would be interesting if the western news outlets gave these terrorists (IS and Ukrainians) some airtime, would desperately love to hear their POV. But this isn't a debate, the neocon military industrial moves have been in the works, it must go down. 

The Islamic fundamentalist is a very dangerous fanatic, but bombing and Syrian regime change? I struggle to connect the dots. I say line up the fuckers and shoot up them bluuuud-claat. Lord knows the problems fundamentalism has caused in Northern Nigeria.  But Americans in charge of the execution squad? Pass me the *sic* bag already!

Meanwhile in Sierra Leone. Fackin' hell, how on earth do you go about locking down a whole country for 3 days? Kicking off tomorrow till Sunday it seems to be an impending logistical nightmare.  OK I get that Ebola has killed 500 people in the country so far, but 3 days? Too excessive and I fear for what is still a fragile country. Hopefully fighting the current outbreak together will increase national unity. Lawd knows they need it


Friday, 12 September 2014

TGIF Authe(ntic)

In the news it's all Islamic State this, Oscar Pistorius that (throw that crazy foo in jail already!), Ebola this ...blah! But who gives a f**k right?  Actually about Ebola I do, and I have sympathy for ordinary Iraqi and Syrian people that will suffer "collateral damage" [sic] from imperialist America's imminent bombing campaign. 


It's Friday!!! some new Phyno featuring Flavour, two of my fav artists and my Enugu city home boys

Great song and one of my favs off Phyno's album "No Guts No Glory"! My only criticism of the video?


My Mexican mask is in the post.. nice!


they teaching the children lies...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Daily Prayers

Introspection is a good thing, that inward look into the self.  Maybe a reflection of personal events, sounding out a new position, one's personal views on events of the day, mental articulation. I don't do enough of it, but I always try (i think) to establish what my basic truths are, no matter how unpalatable they feel to my spirit.  Happens at the worst times, like slugging up a stupid steep hill on a London to Brighton bike ride.  Most times we operate in a disconnected state, positions that allow us to navigate the complex and hostile landscape.  We tell fibs to ourselves, exaggerate our abilities, dismiss our vulnerabilities. Sometimes we don't ask at all.

The ego vs. the super-ego

It's like the mistress who believes her lover will leave his wife for her, the guy who hangs onto the notion he will hit the lottery if he plays strategically, the lady looking for love in a sex club (OK crap example lol).  We believe and hold a position, even when it is clearly untenable.  No, it's not delusional, it is real if you hold it and say it to yourselves long enough.  I am what I am, right and exact, or I didn't do this or that cos I didn't articulate it.   I am a victim.  I am a winner.  Them. Projections and protectionism.  Transference?  They say one must not always wear one's heart on the sleeve. But is wearing a mask the answer? I quite like the Mexican wrestler masks (gonna buy one with my birthday money)

Maybe that is the point of Introspection. To unmask the ego


Funniest YouTube comment in a minute (to Drake's "Hold on, We're going home" video)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Me or the papers...

When I first heard Jeru The Damaja's "Me or the papes" I was wowed by DJ Premier's production work. Smooth Jazzed out sound, had you hitting the rewind.  Just caught DJ Cam quartet refix of the sound on a track called "St Germain".  Thank you MixCloud.


Ryde or Die Bitch

"I need a ryde or die bitch
(I like to rock Prada suits and my ass is fat)
I need a ryde or die bitch
(I push a Cadillac truck with my friends in the back)
I need a ryde or die bitch
(Smoke 'dro, drink liquor, like to fuck 'til I cum)
I need a ryde or die bitch
(I rock a icy ass chain with a earring in my tongue)"

The LOX, featuring Eve and Timbaland - "Ryde Or Die Bitch"

Ha! OK, not as extreme like that but yesterday's 55 miles ride to Brighton was a tough cookie.  I've done it twice now, but one never gets used to the undulating terrain. Peak and Troughs, up and down, a real challenge to the physical frame.

It was great fun though, me playing catch up to my older brother's determined pace.  The weather was great, beautiful sunshine and cool breeze, meant you could concentrate on riding alone.  Coming down a hill at 40 mph is always a blast, especially after the extreme slug of getting up it in the first place.  More of the same!

OK, enough of that, back to the leisurely pace of riding across London to work.  As if lol!  Oh yeah my tune of the day... you guessed it :)))  The Lox had some serious game back then, spitting butane over Timbaland's soundscape.  Eve's hook? Dope


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Happy Birthday in Social Media

"happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you.."

Yes today is my born day. 3rd of September in the moon of Virgo, a good day. Born in the turbulent hopeful 70s, a simple-ish time, when the only people that knew it was your birthday were close friends and family. Today I've been bombarded by any and every social media I've signed up with.  First it was Google personalising their search page for me (would love to toke on whatever Artificial Intelligence they smoking).  I was quite chuffed really, unexpected.

Then I got a message from LinkedIn, something about a little birdie.  Instagram (forgotten about this account) and Twitter followed suit (twitter's was kinda interesting, tweets about events on the day over the years).  Facebook started up by late morning, it leading the charge before my numerous friends started timelining me with b'day wishes.  I logged into Mixcloud for a spot of music, lo and behold they suggested a birthday mixtape!  I was finally spooked when Adidas sent me a 15% off voucher to celebrate lol! Adidas ey? I only created an account a year ago to complete a purchase (don't even remember giving them my earth day).  The competition to celebrate with me has been fierce :).  I've barely keep up with my Gmail inbox.  It's interesting the leverage and far reach of these social and wannabe social networks.  You barely complete a profile before the machine gets to work.  hmm, Amazon completely ignored me, could do with that b'day voucher to check out items that have been sat in my basket.

"she says her life is to hard, she says that she wants to come and build with the God". Bad boy track!

"it was the 3rd of September, that day I will always remember". no, my papa didn't pass on and wasn't a rolling stone :~)