Friday, 16 January 2015

TGIF: Phyno

Opening translation: “you still sitting here? you’ll be stuck here! when these guy catch you’ll suffer here!” 

(thx, didn't even know the video was out)

Love the video, daring and explicit, will definitely get him banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Like they've ever approved any of his videos.  Pah! like he cares? Art is Art. Do you Son.

Phyno Yayo!!!


TGIF: Fela Mashups, Pharrell, De La Soul

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Flight 002 To Africa"

(Yay! African Cup of Nations about to kick off, shame Nigeria didn't qualify)

Nothing like a good old mashup, some budding or established producer mashing up music genres to create something new.  Found an interesting one the other day, mixing Fela and De La Soul, and some other one with Pharrell. The Black President has fascinated and inspired the Afrobeat genre and there is no shortage of new takes and tribute albums.  Enjoy

Happy Mentallity (Pharrell vs Fela) from DJ/VJ LJBLENDZ on Vimeo.

1 luv

I Am White, Angry and Proud

Fascinating TV on 4oD.  Angry, White and Proud.  I have time for racists after having experienced some shit living up in Forest Gate.  Nothing like a good face off with a bunch of ignorant fascists on a Saturday afternoon in Greenwich market (the good ol' days of the BNP).  Had a scary moment in a Barking pub when I and my older brother got into an argument with a bunch of skin heads.  Luckily all that happened was beer being thrown on us, landlord putting us in the back room and calling a Cab.  Cowards but very dangerous peoples.  Number of things interested me about the programme.  The guy being followed around was half Irish and Italian, the ex EDL leader guy was of Cypriot parentage, a few others looked like they had mixed racial heritage.  Makes you wonder what this Englishness thingy is all about.

Oh yeah, and of course the lot are from Bermondsey, my old manor, all MillWall FC supporters, ex terrace hooligans ("nobody likes us! we don't care!!!").  I've got a soft spot MillWall, having attended a few games and sent my sons to the Saturday's Cub Kickers training scheme.  But won't be attending any matches there again though, the last one sitting in the home end was pure filth, men in their 50s swearing viciously and shouting (and in the same instance asking their kids what sandwich they want at halftime, I kid you not), straight traumatised my sons.  MillWall has done a lot to make their grounds family friendly, but till they tackle the swearing and borderline racist abuse it will remain a hostile environment.  Interesting fact, in the 70s and 80s the MillWall firm (read as football thugs) was led by a Black guy and Turkish guy.  Funny thing this being English.  You can sign up as long as you kiss St. George's flag and own a bulldog. Look at UKIP, proudly promoting their ethnic minority membership.  Not saying UKIP are racist, but .. look at some of their MPs.  Voter, be careful what you wish for.
A lot of the show focussed on their crusade against Islamic fundamentalist sympathisers and the like.  Of course nobody likes fundamentals, but these lot fighting on my behalf?  I'd rather have afternoon tea with radical preacher Anjem Choudary.  And, as usual, the constant hateful fights with the far left, liberals and anyone who disagrees with them.

Ah, yes, and fights amongst themselves, the brainless lot.

TGIF. Black And Proud. Fuck em'

Saturday, 10 January 2015

chilltrap: remixes and refixes

Last year was my ChillTrap year.  You've probably seen a few posts where I go on and on, link mixcloud mixes from ∆nji ßee, YouTube vids and such.  I'd become disillusioned with the blanket auto tune, eurotrash sound that is modern RnB, I get that the record companies have their agenda and one has to listen outside-the-box so to speak, but what happen to good old originality?

The ChillTrap movement came at me sideways, a number of producers picking up your bog standard radio honed Rnb or Hip Hop tune (and mind you some great classics) and re-fixing it. They basically took that ratchet south hip hop sound and smoothed it to bits.  So heavy thumping bass remains but the melodies are switched the fuck up on chill.  It's not to everyones taste but represents a real departure from the norm, a reminder that music production is essentially a creative process.

You can't template shit. The two below are a couple of my favs from 2014.

Janita - Thats How Life Goes (NeguimBeats Remix)

Move That Dope (C. Justice Bootleg) - Future feat. Pusha T, Pharrell & Casino

P Reign feat. Drake & Future - Drunk N Fuck

Rediscovering the joys of YouTube

YouTube's one of those websites that have become very indispensable.

Can't remember some quadratic equation an 11 year old is struggling with? YouTube.  Don't even get me started on real world practical uses of quadratic equations.  Bake a Banana cake? YouTube.  Some obscure news report you need more background on? YouTube. I don't even know what people did before YouTube (lived real life perhaps? watched TV?).

I've always gone searching, never been much on subscriptions but last year, pressed for time, I opted for having ish delivered to my inbox (great when you don't have to leave Gmail to watch a YouTube video).

Another motivation was the £30 Chrome Cast dongle I purchased early 2014.  Suddenly I have YouTube on the big screen, 3D surround sound crystal clear.  Best purchase ever.  With YouTube liberated from my tiny phone screen it was a real revelation, like brand new.  I found some really great channels, from documentaries, news, tech shows, comedy, to great music vid blogs. from the banal (cinnamon challenge anyone?) to the original, one can easily spend hours lost in content.  Hats off to the creators of such a great platform. Definitely the future trend of visual content.  Terrestrial and satellite, sorry, the consumer tech march continues.

I'll post a selection of my favs from 2014.

James C. Lewis - (channel)

Vice News - (channel)

Naijas Craziest comedians - (channel)

Fresh Out Life After The Penitentiary - (channel)

Storm Clouds Gathering - (channel)

Lola LePaon (sex columnist) - (channel)

Ikena Azuike (my perennial fav channel) -

Murdering As I Dream Of Paradise And 72 Virgins

The events in France have been truly terrifying. It is difficult to gauge the effects of such grisly acts on the freedoms we take for granted. I write and post what I like on this blog, zero censorship and interference from anyone. I rarely think about it, but it is possible through the defence of my personal liberty and right to free expression. People have died to defend this right. Such acts as happened in Paris have a very way of affecting this right. I remember a friend being prevented from travelling to the US, some unexplained homeland security act thing. Chaos allows the far right to push through their agenda and laws to back it up. Quite if this is one of the aims of the jihadists is very difficult to know. "look at it, they hate you and profile you! Join us brother, join us!". The short term aim is unleashing terror and creating an environment of abject fear, but the long term? Not very smart these guys.  Paradise huh?

is what I envision when someone says "Paradise"
Or I've completely misunderstood a war that's been waged for hundreds of years, a permanent schism with no end game. Look at the western governments and leaders of USA, Britain, France, as meddling and divisive as ever. What does one do but await the next atrocity? Didn't have to wait that long.

I just read an article on Boko Haram, reported to have murdered 2000 people yesterday in the North of Nigeria. Men, women and children murdered, grenades and guns fired indiscriminately at the local population. Last month taliban murdered 126 school children in Pakistan.

The Islam fundamental monster, a bogus concept and very confused dangerous ideology. You want to scream at the lslamic leaders to stand up and condemn it, institute discussions, declare fatwa against these monsters. But deep inside you know it is too late, the monster is within.

So what do you do when faced with such fear and uncertainty? You first off arm yourself with the facts, seek opinions from those who know better. I have had discussions with Islamic street preachers at my local Catford Islamic centre, I have posed hard questions at them, demanding answers. One thing of note is the absence of Christian opposition, a counter from the opposite (ironically of same roots), people better qualified to set the tone for real discourse. A very chilling absence. I've seen the new Pope Francis starting this discourse and I hope he has the courage to see it through. What he did for America and Cuba is very commendable, a man of integrity.

If it is a war between Islam and the West, then the wrong people are at the high table of resolution.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Year Of Our Lord, 2015

Welcome to 2015, and a happy new to you all.  From the bottom of my heart I mean it.  Live and let live. Please take very good care of your health, and for sure wealth and wisdom will definitely follow.

Glad 2014 is done and dusted and we can renew our life vows and look to a brighter future. It wasn't a particularly bountiful year, a lot of goals missed, life and it's complexities getting in the way, but it was certainly eventful. One of the highlights was going on the London to Brighton 2014 ride twice, especially the second one with my brother. Took us back to our childhood years, those carefree times, all that mattered being a dude and his bike. More important it brought us closer together (bar an incredibly awkward but swiftly resolved moment, no more of that thank you).
I made new friends, got the oddest of t-shirts while navigating life intricacies. Trust, don't ever drink half a bottle of Captain Morgan rum and expect to be sensible. Forget nuanced, think trying to concentrate in a carnival. Lol, OK, I digress. But on the friendship tip I did meet some really wonderful great caring people. I reacquainted with some old ones, resolving old issues, trying again.  As the cliché goes, life is short.  Times like those I wish that.. I'll leave that for the horses.
In 2015 I will make no new resolutions. I have a pretty good idea what needs to be done, where my stewardship of my life has to adjust.  Numero uno, get a new work gig, something freelance, work hard, take time off and pursue a dream. Hedge bets and take a risk for once. I refuse to simply just exist.  I dreamt last night, barely slept a wink. I dreamt of Africa.  I dreamt of forgotten friends and relatives, of new acquaintances, of what I am and what I will become. I also dreamt of pain and sorrow, mistakes and follies. But best of all I dreamt of hope and true redemption of the spirit. I dreamt of really taking a turn for the best, harnessing my primal nature for good.  I dreamt of love too (I seldom do), true love and it's freedom.

Sure as my name is my name I will see it all come to pass.

You will too. And if we are doubtful or afraid we will reassure one another.

Here's to 2015