Thursday, 26 March 2015

Without pedals

I've not had a pattie for breakfast for a good 6 months. It's also the last time I been on a train to anywhere. Madam at the train station pattie shop was so happy to see me that she gave me a free coffee. We used to kick it for a few minutes every morning, said I was one of her loyal customers.

The 8.12 to charring cross. Bike pedal brock so train it is.

Soap opera is pornography for women

On the train and blogging. No, no black coffee and patties this time, running late. I am without bike.  My old bike's lower frame cracked, almost ditched my black monkey ass yesterday. Was funny actually, did this crazy wobble but managed to stop without cracking a skull. Milfs and hot chicks asked if a dude was OK.

I am thoroughly tired of work, the incessant bullshit, American employers, politics. You know when you so pissed you start shutting down? Most meetings I just uh and ah, no contribution. My former director called me aside to see if I was fine. Told dude I've been on my high for 20 years straight, don't fuck up my high. Exit strategy activated, they trying to stunt on a nigga.

Life rolls on, the lows and highs. So what's popping? London to Brighton on the horizon (fuck, might have to buy a new bike), making moves to travel to Nigeria (yo! it's crazy dough! save up bitch). Oh yeah, had a reminisce with a really old friend, Benny, went to university with son, caused mad mayhem. His girlfriend and my wife were amused with our war stories, wondering how we even graduated. We shared a smoke in the garden and poured liquor for a couple of really close heads who had died since. RIP

It's really beautiful in London today. Have a blessed day


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Been A Minute

Wow! Can't believe I've not blogged in a while! So what's new? Nothing much in my world, started up cycling training for the London To Brighton 2015 ride - will do it twice again this year, still at the old job, not much happening on that front.

Life, as the cliche goes, is good. Relatively speaking ...

incredible stuff. Vuyo Mvoko, Zambian Journalist on a South Africa assignment, after the mugging incident