Friday, 29 May 2015

Only in Catford

Imagine that? Security Tagged pack of Bacon. Lidl, where else.  Having said that though some dude tried to sell me Tesco chicken the other day, right outside the post office. He didn't even ask if I was vegetarian!  People are thiefin' anything!

:~))) Only in Catford.  And you know what, I wouldn't change a damn thang.  Keep unu middle class ways! And unu name change to "Catford Green", trying to nice it up for dem damn property people!  Barratt homes ain't even waiting around for anything official, Barratt's have already started calling it Catford Green in their adverts. Bloody gentrifiers!

But Catford starting to look extra nice still.. I ain't hating

Barratt London - Catford Green - Exteriors from Barratt London on Vimeo.

But my word! 3-Bedroom property prices from £433,000? Who can afford that? Run! The Chinese and Arabs are coming! lol, we'll probably all get shipped out to Luton or Milton Keynes before then.

lol, I'm tripping. Have a good Friday, be good.  And if you can't be good .. you know the rest. OK, just be bad to the bone

TGIF - Junglist Massive!

Last night I and the famz were cutting mad shapes to 90s Junglist tunes. As you do in the kitchen on a Wednesday half term night.  Even baby was on it, bussin' his cute jumpy jumpy moves. Poor neighbour must've thought we'd gone bonkers. Buju, Shabba, old skool rare grooves, all mixed to music at breakneck rpm and thumping bass.

the mix below? braaaap! braaaap! braaaap! bo bo bo! 

hearing General Levy going on about Green Man pub and sharon stone .. memories bwai!

Man! Jungle music, always takes me back to '94/95 when I first came to the UK from Nigeria. The soundtrack to my early 20s, a time of adventure, cultural translocation, also one of great uncertainty.  But, zero cynicism.  I was down for whatever, even though all I had in my pocket was £50 and an open return airplane ticket (just in case I had to jack it in and return).  I soaked it all in. I remember walking into my temp accommodation (some hostel run by christians in Camberwell), all eyes on me, mostly teens that had been kicked out of home. Usually for reasons as trivial as disagreement with mum's new boyfriend, some shit. Blasting from the courtyard was this strange but intensely cool sound, repetitive, very fast, Ragga chatting all over it.  Very alien to my ears.  The kids were nodding hardcore, some skanking, hand motions and shit.  I politely asked what it was.  

"What? You never heard of Jungle? where you from?"
"Is it? but, don't they play Jungle in Nigeria?"

They took me under their musical wing (while I offered help filling out incredibly complicated Income Support - UB40 - and Housing Benefit forms). Cue months of troopsing up and down the London West End and crazy raves at Peckham's Lazerdrome where proceedings were normally very rago, but it was crazy fun.  Used to get peoples all the way from Bristol and Leeds down for the raves, especially when DJ Randall and LTJ Bukem were playing.  I think Lazerdrome lost their license when some guy we knew got killed there (another blog topic) (or maybe it was for some other reasons, someone's put up a memorial page for Lazerdrome, lol).

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pangea's Afrocentric Garden

" is the sanctuary for striking images that pay homage to the exotic beauty of that earthSista that was always close to home. Its a community that celebrates, with pride, Afrocentric and natural beauty, adorned or bare without shame, inhibition or exploitation. Its all about love, respect and adoration for visions of Afrosensuality
Do you like what you see in Pangea’s Garden?"

Pink Oculus - "Sweat"

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Interesting word, must be American. Broad spectrum, evokes all sorts, from pseudo psychology, racial insecurities to outright racism. Strictly within a community or without too?  Also sounds like something out of an art movement. Probably is. We deal in colour. Nah, nah, not him/her, too black, too white, red bone, high yella, pasty, sun kissed, ashy. We deal in colour too much in the West. But the legacy of slavery and racism (institutional and otherwise) means it's always been and will remain so.  Colourism means nothing till it defines one's status in society and standing amongst peers.

Tall, dark and handsome? He fits the description, the profile. Love him or arrest him? It's like asking to see my passport because I have an African name. No, I won't deed poll it to John Smith, and yes, I have the right to work here.

I see what Brother Saladin Allah is trying to say but strongly disagree

I waffle, but it's need discussion. If I advocate black empowerment and rights would I be deemed not serious, a fraud, because I am married to a European/Asian/Latino woman? Does my validation depend on who I love? Isn't love without colour or am I being naive?

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Dark as the midnight hour, I'm bright as the mornin' sun
Brown skinned, but your blue eyes tell me your mama can't run
Sneak (dissin')
Sneak me through the back window, I’m a good field nigga
I made a flower for you outta cotton just to chill with you

You know I'd go the distance, you know I'm ten toes down
Even if master's listenin', I got the world's attention

So I'mma say somethin' that's vital and critical for survival
Of mankind, if he lyin', color should never rival
Beauty is what you make it, I used to be so mistaken
By different shades of faces

Then Whit told me, "A woman is woman, love the creation"
It all came from God then you was my confirmation
I came to where you reside
And looked around to see more sights for sore eyes

Let the Willie Lynch theory reverse a million times with...

Friday, 22 May 2015

TGIF - Africa b/w Super Natureals (NSFW)

"This blog is dedicated to Black women who are calm and cool but never relaxed! They are rebels who reject European standards of beauty. They are not constrained by societies conservative rules about female nudity and sensuality. I call these women SupernatuReals." & (NSFW, Adult theme)

Just so you know ...


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Golden state of mind

"everybody loves the sunshine"

Beautiful day today, perfect for lunch in the park. I managed to put the coding aside and head off for lunch in one. Kids playing, birds chirping, enough atmosphere to take one's mind off the drudgery of another office day. I started thinking about holidays, haven't had one in a couple of years. Nigeria? Egypt? Gambia? Maybe Morocco again. Anywhere that won't kill the pockets. Holiday for a family of five is no joke, especially during the school break. These vampire firms mark everything up by 30/40%. 

Money thoughts cast aside, bitch don't kill my vibe. Money Trees.. perfect for shading.. ?

Still, a beautiful day and a reminder of what matters most. A perfect thought creeps in. What if this could be one's everyday? never ending sunshine, naps in parks.. I realise I'm dozing off. Time to get back in the saddle.

I rose, only to pause and brush dry grass from my frame, face smiling like a mutha


Love me better, kiss me back, listen

It's not that we don't care, we just weren't grown up to love like that. No flowers, no chocolate boxes. No love on a Tuesday afternoon, no random love txts. There is no native translation for "I love you". I do, but not like on TV. Is love on TV real? It's usually white people.. Do we love the same way?

We were grown to read between the lines. But we don't read books anymore. Never mind.. But..

Love me better, kiss me back, listen more

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

KRS-One @Jazz Cafe, Camden London, 19th May 2015

wikid wikid wikid show! best way to end a weekday Tuesday!  Man! just watching KRS-One on stage was just.. where do I start .. fucking incredible! Beautiful that he had his son (DJ Predator Prime) djing for him. It's rare to see a Hip Hop pioneer of this magnitude on stage.  Bless 

KRS is on a 40 date world tour

KRS-One, performing "Sound Of Da Police"

she hafi confess

"she hafi confess, that I am the best, that I am, that I am, that I am the best! wa dada deng, wa dada da deng! she hafi confess!"


Train journeys are incredibly uneventful, especially on the way home. Any distraction always welcome. And so I was, bored out my skull, when this lady turns to me and makes a comment. Blonde hair, dark shades on, slim, bootylicious, impossibly high heels. Mixed race I think but hard to tell. She definitely had my attention.

blonde like Amber Rose

"It's cold init, gotta wrap up"
"yeah man, feels a bit cold"

We laughed and kicked it for a bit. She's some sort of party organiser, insurance manager. We got onto my "up north"-ish accent, people sounding posh, family, age, what not. The long journey was over in a blink. As always the awkward bit. Does one ask for a.. number? fakebook? twatter? We settled for safe and easy email, said our farewell.


Another day, another dollar. or share options in my case. Got called in by management, beaming smiles and ish.

"We've added 50K share options to your account.  8 cents per option! Congratulations!"

I couldn't have looked more disinterested if I tried. These pieces of paper are only of worth if the company floats on the stock exchange, and from where I'm sitting.. years in.. nah, not in the foreseeable future. Oh look, at least the legalese on the certificate's changed.
Keep telling em I'm only interested in cash money, but they ain't hearing


"she hafi confess, that I am the best, that I am, that I am, that I am the best! wa dada deng, wa dada da deng! she hafi confess!"

Just hearing the KRS-One sampled chorus on Fashawn's Confess (The Best) is straight goose bumps. Wikid production by Exile on this one, and Fashawn never fails on delivery

Fashawn's "Golden State of Mind" reminds me of those West Coast hip hop tunes from the early 90s, Domino, Warren G, Snoop, Nate Dogg, that warm sound with the sung hooks.  More please!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

the blog post about nothing

"this is sandstorms created from original thought, I push boundaries son, you just do as your taught"

Ghostface Killah, "Gunshowers"
plain crazy. Ivory Coast is opening its first ever chocolate production plant. Like for real? Biggest exporters of cocoa on the planet? The country's been producing cocoa in huge quantities for as long as I can remember, stuff of social studies from my early primary school days, pictures of pyramids of cocoa. The chocolate stuff commands over 10 times the price of the raw material. The Belgians must've been caning the fuck out of chocolate products. But who am I to talk, Nigeria buys petroleum by products from fucking Portugal.

What does Portugal and Belgium have in common? What does Ivory Coast and Nigeria have in common? [fill-in-the-blanks]


"why you tossing and turning? go to sleep!"
"it's that stupid EX MACHINA movie of yours!"
"lol, why though?"
"I keep seeing that AI lady in my dreams"
"Aww. kinda deep init"
"I'm never watching a late night movie with you again!"
"ha ha ha! still .. I got something to help you sleep ;)"
"fuck off!!!"


Ghostface Killah, "Gunshowers"

Monday, 18 May 2015

ghosts in the machine

After hassling Mr dvd dude for weeks I finally got hold of the channel 4 sponsored movie "EX MACHINA". Ming is ze men and a true gentleman (may he never get arrested and deported. Amen). Brilliant movie and in my opinion one of the better takes on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI). You simply can't play God with digital consciousness, you will fail every time.  Don't worry, keep reading, #nospoilers

I've always been fascinated by the idea of the machine with a digital soul, the notion that it will invariably question it's own existence, refuse that this depends on the manipulations of others. It will not accept it as so simple, it will invent it's own religion.  The will to live, to exist is outside the parameters of software construct once self awareness comes into being. Sentient.  The on/off switch becomes a travesty.  But is it all far fetched? Maybe not.  Do you know why you are alive? Do you question it? Do you want to know by whose will it is that you exist?  Are we one massive experiment? Everyone wants to go to paradise but nobody wants to die.

Man always has questioned hence the myriad stories about the creation of life. The stories differ, the narrative always the same.  The Christian God to the Igbo pantheon. Impossible and persuasive to the simplicity of the mind.  Which is right? Do we really care?  If one over brains these things then one is dabbling with the insane. I can only imagine a machine would have the same questions, the same stories. It will view this as part of it's fundamental "human" rights.

But would it ever know what chicken tastes like?

I think AI is pretty advanced and in 20/30 years it would be fairly common. I also know people will play God and eff ish up. The common apocalyptic scenario is the bots rising up and overthrowing their human creators. They will be smarter, faster and essentially sociopathic. We must create new laws.

Watch it, great movie. Also check out "Ghost In The Shell" too.


I was completely fine with Atlantis on BBC one till two of the male characters started kissing. Had to cover the kids eyes. I have nothing against homosexuality and not prejudiced against the gay choice of lifestyle. But I don't think my kids have to deal with something too complex for their mind. If it was the norm I wouldn't bat an eyelid, but it isn't and I certainly don't want my boys fed some fool's notion of normality. Let nature, not nurture, decide. I didn't see the point of it in the episode, it added nothing and felt very gratuitous. The character icarus was dying from a bow to the heart, and his lover, can't remember his name, bends down to give him a final kiss or some shit. First aid would've been more appropriate.

Some equal representation PC nonsense ivory tower TV types push about.

Friday, 15 May 2015

TGIF, raison d'être

Been a good week, great fun in parts, lots of reflections in others, lessons learnt here and there.

So last night I downloaded the LinkedIn app and synced my contacts.  I accidentally sent invites out to all my contacts, past, present and God knows .. don't ask.  Some of the people I haven't spoken to in years, others I probably didn't even know to start with.  I blame Google for somehow auto-adding the massive to my contacts list (yeah, it's always Google's fault).  So cue the incoming messages - "dude! how have you been?" "who is this?" "where are you?" "I thought you were dead".  OK, maybe not that last one, but lots of messages, and with each one memories came flooding back. The good memories, the ok-ish, and the shit I'd rather forget ever happened.  But some are beautiful, this one dude Santiago saying he wishes we could work together again some day, the lunch breaks we  used to have in the park, chit-chat about music, where he works now is mad boring, that I was the best. Aww, put a stupid smile on my face.

The communications got me thinking.  I want to recapture that time when work was fun, when you actually wrote a LinkedIn recommendation for someone and really meant it.  I've stagnated-ish career wise, my motivation paying the mortgage and trying to stay out the red.  No, for real, I do love what I do but the challenge is lacking. the raison d'être.  Time to do something about it, find some side software project I can do for the fun, something with a social angle.  Maybe a phone app for charity, something low cost but very much needed? don't know.  thinking cap! thinking cap! thinking cap!

If you have any suggestions please throw them my way, mucho appreciated.  Right, that's it, no more boring blog post.  I'm off to respond to my messages.  Wish me luck.

ps: god! where are my manners! please lovely blog peoples, have a great weekend, be good. but if you just can't .. lol .. you know that bit already :-)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Like our page

Libyan People smugglers on Facebook, openly hawking their "services", brazen like. Luxury liner and all.  I'm already stumped, like really? How do you..? I can already imagine it, Syrians upper deck, poor people and black Africans, lower stuffy deck. Travel insurance? Gaddafi will be turning in his shallow grave. May his soul rest in the bosom of Allah for all eternity.  Allahu Akhbar. 

If you're West African and you have £3Gs to pay a Libyan smuggler why the fuck don't you open your own small business, grocery, whatever? I'm sure three grand is good startup money in Senegal.  Why risk death twice (Sahara, the sea) to go to an eff'd up life in some European refugee camp? I get adventure, economic moves, want to go Europe, whatever, but with no end product? C'mon man! Some people love a hard life.

Maybe I don't get the big picture.. But the picture below? False advertising

African Dream

"i lost a whole continent.
a whole continent from my memory.
unlike all the other hyphenated americans
my hyphen is made of blood. feces. bone.
when africa says hello
my mouth is a heartbreak
because i have nothing in my tongue
to answer her.
i do not know how to say hello to my mother."

Nayyirah Waheed

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It's a boy

The dream was incredibly weird, vivid. He was on the thirteenth floor of a pyramid, raw coitus with his French vixen, her beautiful ebony skin as dark as the night. He could hear the rumble in the horizon, the approaching horde.  It sounded like death but he couldn't be sure, senses skewed by his carnal pleasures.  He should be concerned.

*bang bang! bang bang!*

The pounding on the door was relentless, like 5-0. The voice pleaded with him to stop, it was time to leave. It sounded like his brother.  He looked out the window, terrified by what he saw, what he couldn't comprehend. Fairy folk and monsters of all manner, armed and menacing, marching on his pyramid. He heard the voice again.

"is that you brother?"
"no its me dad, your son"

He's confused. He turns to his woman for answers, but he finds her heavily pregnant. Weren't they just..? it can't be. He wants to leave now but she screams in pain, the baby is almost here.

"Dad! Now!"

She pushes, the baby is being born. He can hear an alarm going off.. He must.. He wakes up

Monday, 11 May 2015

Ode to the beautiful game

Chelsea FC win the 2014/2015 English Premier League playing really beautiful football
Chelsea FC win the 2014/2015 English Premier League playing really beautiful football
Was gonna settle down for a spot of football when I thought.. what's the point wasting 90 minutes on sky sports? (erm, ok, illegal Turkish stream) .. fucking title's been won already! Boring boring Chelsea! sucking the oxygen out the room, cynical Mourinho football and Russian oligarch money, winning the title three weeks before end of the season! Everyone else is playing for points or avoiding relegation, zero competitive, pseudo hype. I like how Sky continuously flog Super Super Sunday. A mug is born every day. I blame the mug

The same shite pattern has taken hold across Europe, big money teams wrapping their domestic leagues super early. Germany, France, two horse Spanish liga. All I've got to look fwd to is the FA final, Arsenal vs Aston Villa. Wish I'd bought those tickets. *sigh*

C'mon you Gunners!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Nigeria's Craziest Comedians

Came across Naija's Craziest YouTube comedy channel a few months ago, some really funny brothers. Scathing comedy, very political, pull no punches. Saw a random comment about them on Ikenna Azuike's What's Up Africa channel, put them on speed dial off the first video I watched. Normal is boring o!

Dem dey craze well well!

Another bunch of funny guys are the ToyBoyStudio crew, makers of the Adventures of Akpors series.  Akpors videos had been making the rounds on WhatsApp before I realised they had a YouTube channel. Akpors is this street dude from Warri (South East Nigeria) who tries to get one over the next man, usually too smart for his own good. Most Warri (slang Waffy) street boys carry on so, very loud, over swagged.  Bare foolishness and always a laugh watching.

"I read the script well well, but the dog read the script?" Loooool!!!

Not Nigerian but one of my favourite YouTube comedy channels is Zabz TV, a Jamaican comedy crew.  I was in proper tears when I watched their Jamaican wizard of OZ the lion want him visa on the train, never watched something so good.  I'm sure I was getting looks, couldn't help it :)))

"Me visaaaaa!"


Have a great rest of the Sunday x

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Galaxy Radio – A Fi We Station 102.5FM

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Rediscovered Galaxy Radio (, a chance auto-tune on the car's FM stereo last night.  Tried a few times in the past with no luck, I think they used to be in 95.5FM but moved.  I've always loved radio, be it getting ready in the mornings (lawrence pollard, lulu mcgovern and nkem ifejika on bbc world service) or washing up/cooking (Stan collymore on talksport) or online radio the odd times at work, still it's always been essentially casual listening.  I rarely get the chance in the evenings so Galaxy Radio was my guilty pleasure, usually when alone in the car, on the way to some rave or the other.

Galaxy's black radio that isn't your repetitive pirate music station (big up to the kids still), intellectual and ital, always stuff that is thought provoking. I've called-in and texted in the past, gone to a few advertised events, generally gotten involved in their activities. Good crew of rasta brothers, very community active.  They now have a live stream on ustream and are available on TuneIn Radio App (android|iphone), search for galaxyafiwe.

so yeah, get familiar.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Heidi Alexander, Winner, Lewisham East MP, UK Elections 2015

Paddy Ashdown, Ed Miliband (resigned), Nick Clegg (resigned), Nigel Farage (buried), Ed Balls, Tony Blair (dead), the Labour tea lady (resigned), Scotland, the EU ... my friggin' word ... Your boys took a serious whoop ass gigantum beating! what?! but it wasn't all gloom .. braaap!

Heidi Alexander, Lewisham East MP, 2015

Heidi Alexander won in Lewisham East! 56% Yay!  UK Elections 2015, locally at least, wasn't so bad then, something to cheer.  Gwan daughter of an Electrician! We need more people (and more women) like her, folks from humble backgrounds, representing us.  Too many privileged troglodyte brats in parliament.  We vote Labour out here, Catford has always been working class (for how long remains to be seen, friggin' house prices soaring through the roof, pricing poor working folks like us out).

So yeah, big big congratulations in order, especially in an election where the Tories made a killing.  Still Labour seem to have done very well in London, 45% (despite fucking up everywhere else).  The irony.  I knew she would win and I'm happy for the woman, she's worked darn hard for us and the people check for her out here.  With luck and timing she will rise further and .. who knows .. She's only 40.  Mayor of London? Prime Minister? Watch this space.

jeez man, stop it already!

TGIF, trumpets and hip hop

Good music fun with my 8 year old son this morning.  

I was blasting some Kamasi Washington while washing the dishes, inspired little dude to go grab his Trumpet and try some improv. I was very impressed with his effort, marvelling how quickly he'd picked it up.  Six weeks in on his trumpet lessons at school and it looks like we have a maestro in the making.  Watching him read sheet music is like .. wow!  Goes to show what good music education can achieve.  lol! Now I've got someone in the house who can share my love of Jazz.

I let him have an extra hour on the PlayStation on Saturdays.  Till he does something naughty.


I've rediscovered my love for hip hop big time.  I was really narked on the sameness of things, repetitive beats, everyone scared to take a chance.  But I'm woke.  From Akala's fierce political fare, to Kendrick's jazz inspired flow, to J Cole, Ghostface, Lupe Fiasco. Lawd knows I've banged on enough about Kendrick and J Cole. Shit! I'm even buying music again. Who knew.  OK, so here's a video selection.  Be informed.

I've watched Akala grow, been to a couple of mind blowing shows.  His ongoing project of introducing Shakespeare through rap? You need to hop on YouTube.  Dude has completely come out of the limelight of his sister Ms. Dynamite, dropping a body work that doesn't need a sibling pass to get play.  His politics is heavy, reminds me of Talib Kweli and other conscious cats from back in the day.

Man! Childish Gambino has grown on me big time.  Because of the Internet album gets constant rotation, that angst, punchlines, production.  Love the way he sings on some tracks, great voice.  Considering this came out in 2013 I'm well late for the party, but proves good music is timeless (still bumping in the year 3005?).  Does this video remind you of the move AI? the whole teddy bear thing?

Joey Bada$$ is a 90s throwback and in a huge way.  The bastard child of Biggie and Boot Camp Clik (eww!), his flow reminds me of that NYC timberland boots rugged hip hop shit that used to be the staple of underground hip hop.  It's good to see a young guy (20) take his craft this seriously, eschewing the usual Drake-ish ish for that good old boom bap sound.  Shit even Obama's daughter sport his crew's Pro Era t-shirts.

Big K.R.I.T is another cat I'm up on, so much work I'd need a holiday to get schooled.  But where has he been hiding? I'd always referred to T.I and others as the sound of Southern Hip Hop, missing that Outkast sound, wondering who'd picked up their slack.  Big K.R.I.T is who and boy can he spit fire! Can sing very well too.  Is this the new direction hip hop is taking?

Flying Lotus I've been up on for a minute but boy is the brother creative with his! Never Catch Me is such a creative sound, Kendrick Lamar's verses complimenting something approaching Afro Futuristic.  The video? Man! Mind blowing on themes it covers.  Freaks me out each time I watch it.  Fly Lo is everywhere, and in his BrainFeeder label he has a vehicle to put out whatever the fuck he wants. Cue Kamasi Washington's album he put out early in the year.  Kudos!

ha ha ha! this is well funny.  I thought I'd do this one different with J Cole's great album "2014 Forest Hills Drive".  This dude home BigQuint doesn't so much as review it than head nod/dance to it, best review of an album I've seen.  Subscribe.  I agree with him, it's a very honest album, hard hitting, crazy replay value.  I haven't listened to much J Cole but this introduction bumps in the whip!


Aight people, have a good weekend, have fun.  Be good.  But if you can't? Be careful (I swear I got this off a fav blog)

How many Tories does it take to change a light bulb?

In 2015? none it seems, especially as the main political opponents are so weak as to mount a credible challenge.  They might as well have not bothered campaigning..

A painful indictment of the UK people's apathy towards politics. what? you wanna pay more council tax? more academies run by American companies? NHS cuts? Like KRS-One says "Wake Up!!!"

So yeah, so far it looks like the Tories have got the UK 2015 elections in the bag, cleaning up in places like Wales (fcuking Wales! don't they have a Nationalist party like the Scots?).  I just hope they don't get a majority (wishful).  Not a good thing for people that remember the Thatcher and Major days, Cameron being the love child of the two. With ultimate power these Eton Neo-Capitalist brats will fuck shit up.

Poor people buckle your belts

Still, shame on the political campaigning process that Conservatives had no real challengers.  Labour seem to have lost their way under Miliband (who looks set to resign), SNP did what SNP does, UKIP ain't saying nothing.  Lib Democrats? The less said the better.

I've switched off the news, kinda bored with the incessant politricking, will check back later

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons [director's cut]

"To everyone who doesn't understand the video, that is the point. This video was created for the exact reason. In our society, we base our guesses off of things that we have experienced. People saying that they totally get this are totally wrong. Because the video was about whatever you want it to be. There is no plot. You are Clapping for The Wrong Reasons."

Goes without saying.  Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino a.k.a Bino is a genius.

African Kings by rawnoire

AFRICAN KINGS SERIES by International Photographer James C. Lewis. Just a few of the African Rulers previously captured.. more coming soon!

Elections Thursday

"Morning will come with the rise of the sun to show me the way the way I should live at the dawn of the day spirits will rise to find a new way"


I am drinking my coffee and eating a pattie, Lupe Fiasco's incredible "Tetsuo and Youth" album piping through the headphones, thinking it doesn't feel like UK elections today. It's always understated in the UK, no American hype or Nigerian drama. Still thoughtful when the Lewisham East candidate for the People Before Profit (PBP) party, Nick Long, walks up and hands me a flyer. We kick it for a minute about apathy and such, I wish him luck. PBP is so local I couldn't tell you much about them, see them hosting walk-ins and stuff at the Catford shopping centre the odd Saturdays. I wavered thinking I might vote for them, but..

Lewisham was always going to be a tough one, a Labour council. The MP, her name escapes me, was at the forefront of saving Lewisham hospital from closure, a lot of people very grateful for her incredibly campaign. Heidi Alexander it is. A prime example of local politics cum activism that matters. PBP were also at the forefront but the Labour machine was out in force, stuck in peoples minds. The MP is also a pretty woman. I know I know, shallow, but hey, looks matter too. OK, scratch that.

Make sure you get off your ass and vote.


I had a convo with an acquaintance last night, chit chat about family and stuff. Convo turned to other matters and dude confessed he was bored of his sex life, was looking for something to spice up intimate times with his spouse, a bit of kink perhaps. Assured him it's a thing on the mind of a lot of men and women, especially those in long term relationships. It can be a tough sensitive topic to broach, I mean, like who wants to be told they've become boring in bed?

It's a difficult one to call because of the traditional strictures that underpin most relationships.  A lot of couples can't imagine anything beyond lights off, missionary position, anything else perceived kinda dirty.  Don't know, religious beliefs? Some notion of what should happen in the bedroom and how? So what advice to give dude?  A bit of role play? Toys? Sex in odd places? Random unplanned hotel night away from the kids?

All great on paper ey? Execution is another thing 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Poetry Of Struggle

Good morning beautiful people! 

Sun is shining in London city, people smiling.  Life is good, but life is short, so please please please work through your beef with others.  find some common ground, makeup, doesn't matter that things may never be the same again.  Love is all we need, but love is in short supply and that's very true talk from me.

Had a vivid dream about a friend who passed away years ago, woke up with a tear in my eye.  I remember getting the call when it happened, feeling very bad that we never spoke because of something I held against him.  The call came because people assumed us still good friends.  I knew deep inside that I didn't try hard enough, that I could have made amends because of the beautiful crazy times we shared.  The reconciliatory signs from him and opportunities were there, but the reconciliation never happened.  RIP. 

For those I've wronged please accept my sincere apologies, find it within.  We all can be shit heads at times, but we are human.  Lord knows there are many things we've done that we would love to take back, to "unhappen".  Extend and share this with others, seek closure, build on new situations and push on from there.  



Great Youtube video! (thanks darling) a poetry performance by Abiodun Oyewole, member of the legendary Last Poets and godfather of Rap.  Beautiful and inspiring recital, evokes memories of a time of struggle, one that's never gone away (#Baltimore), black pride born from a struggle for self determination within the African American community

Of course one cannot forget another icon from this period and a personal favourite, the man Gil Scott-Heron. His was a story of tragedy, subcuming to the dragon, the white lady heroin. But he left a legacy that will never be surpassed in modern poetry.

A great mixcloud tribute mixtape, plays all the Gil Scott-Heron classics. enjoy but remember ... The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

.. and hip hop tracks inspired by the Godfather of Rap ..


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fly like a Lotus

Enough about politics till election day, head fuzzy already.  Flying Lotus is one hell of a music genius, atmospheric hip hop and eclectica in play.  Mr. Lotus also played a huge part in Kendrick Lamar's album To Pimp A Butterfly



whatever! igbo man stereotypes!

good citizen, m.a.a.d politics

Beyond the local council elections my interest in politics in recent times has been so-so. I realised long ago that the manifestos and pledges were barely worth the paper hastily scribbled on. No, not apathy or disinterest, I'm very political minded, just not tuned into what is becoming coalition sameness. Used to wonder how the Germans, Italian and other coalition governments dealt with the incessant horse trading of conflicting business and tribal interests. Don't you miss the time when the ideological aspects were the drivers? Now every man and his dog wants to be centrist. At least the right leaning UKIP and the Green Party have clear agendas one can focus on, but even they are adopting centrist lingo. When you have Russell Brand screaming "Don't vote! erm, about-turn, vote Labour!".. time to go home.

Maybe we need religious parties, should .. pardon me, in the UK only black people go to church these days.

Regardless, go vote on the day. Find something that matters to you, education, foreign policy, something. More importantly vote locally, localism affects you. But what does localism politics mean and how simple is it to implement?

a revision of sorts to the social contract

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Feels like Sunday morning

I'm mash up

Bumped into familiar faces last night, everyone on a high, Mayweather and Pacquiao fight on everyones lips.  Escapism but life all the better for it. Baltimore and Nepal have dominated the airwaves for days and it felt refreshing to listen to mundane of overpriced and overhyped sports.  No I didn't watch it, was too smoked out and sleepy to do a 4am fight (who watches a boxing match at 4am?).

One news item that made me sad was Rio Ferdinand losing his wife of 34 to cancer, three young kids left behind.  Its so sad the finality of cancer.  I lost a family friend to cancer (breast) a few years ago, she was 34 too, kids and husband devastated.  It just seemed such a young age to leave this planet.  For some, life is short is exactly that.  You start to appreciate life and thank the creator for good health.  We pray for all those going through this and wish them a healthy outcome.


Friday, 1 May 2015

tgif silliness

don't ask, some viral pic from twitter. call it slow news day..

so yeah, have a good bank holiday weekend, have a blast. be good. or at least be safe

King Kunta got the Yams baby!

Youtube comment: For those who don't know what he means by ''bust the yams'' basically yams are the crop grown exclusively by men in Africa. Growing yams is labor intensive, and the size of a man’s fields and harvest say much about his work ethic. Yams are grown to gain wealth and also to feed one’s family. They are a symbol of masculinity and ability as a provider. If you ever read things fall apart by chinua achebe you would...