Thursday, 2 July 2015

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF 2015) - "451", Citizen Montague's revolt

"This spectacular, immersive performance depicts a society where reading is forbidden and firemen are employed to burn books (451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper burns). This London premiere is inspired by the classic novel by Ray Bradbury and will feature incredible staging with moving structures, an emotionally compelling score and of course pyrotechnics"

Great night last Saturday! I've never been to a GDIF event, always seeming to miss it every year.  This outdoor performance at Bethnal Green park was incredible.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How I found love online, conveniently and digitally packaged

lol, no I didn't

Can one find love on an online dating website?  It's hard to say.  I do know a great couple who met online, been loved up for six years now, two lovely kids.  But I also a couple who meet online and whose marriage ended in crazy disaster.  Good and bad, just like real life ey?  But it must be a helluva thing trying to find love online.  Online, we tend to pimp out our digital personas, bigging up ourselves beyond what we really are, cushioned from reality by a keyboard, monitor and fanciful avatar.  And rarely write blogs or anything (my "vibrant" twitter account lies fallow, unread, posted to by robots).

So you hop onto a dating site, sign your life away to a monthly subscription, put up the most flattering pictures (do I look cris in these garmes?), browse and read the canned, template-driven profiles (or CVs as one columnist advises it), clicking like and sit back for a response.  Trickle or flood, depends on how they view your gangsta.  And therein lies the devil, retardedly residing in the lack of detail.  You read between the lines. Does he/she have a child? do they want children? child bearing hips?  are they intelligent? ambitious? he/she so flucking intelligent|ambitious|fine so why the eff is he/she on here? coming off failed relationships? had a relationship from the online before? what really is their story?  serial killer or bunny boiler?  will we work out?  Scientists are currently coming up with a formula ...

If you are from a certain age group before the Western ubiquity of the Internets you'd have old skool sensibilities about these things.

So, is it better to find love offline (or online via circle of friends - fb, that sort of thing) or is the dating website a better fit for our increasingly online lives?  The egg heads who research these things plonk for the latter.  Or maybe people are meeting and forming new bonds and friendships on media like Instagram, Tumblr, the comment section of The Guardian, perhaps this is where it's going.  No, no, I didn't include Online Mail Order Russian brides, that's not dating, don't you dare quote me!!!

I have no idea


Yoga I have no idea about too.  Looks like mighty fun, I might just sign up.  I've been digging Janelle MonĂ¡e, her music and what she's about, especially what she's doing with her label, Wondaland Arts Society.  She's backed Jidenna 100%, especially in the face of a corporate music industry the abhors real creativity.  More fire!

^^breakfast club interview

Jidenna “Classic Man” (Remix) Featuring Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar's new video "Alright" is mad creative.  I really liked the song, what with it's jazz influence and social commentary sensibilities.  I still pinch myself on how much shine conscious hip hop is getting through this guy, maybe the Corporate Monkeys will see we don't all want to listen 24/7 to 2 Chainz and retarded shit on Channel Zero.  See, I ain't even hating on Trap and Bounce music, but when it's put forward as the Black Youth narrative by Culture Vultures.. no, that shit is mad retarded! Great to see Alright released yesterday as a single, backed by an awesome video.  Enjoy

OK, I'm being hard on 2 Chainz. After all this dude beats up pussy like a new song, seriously gangsta. Yup! He's different