Wednesday, 19 August 2015

An ode to Ms Hyps

I fancy myself a music buff, so no idea how I eschewed my creative juices to end up writing software code for a living. Probably the puzzle piecing/fixing/logical side to my Virgo personality. Or ran out of career ideas and my twenties, software development seeming the most interesting thing to do. Beware African parents who first try make you a priest, then shunt you off to university to study economics when the Holy Spirit falls through

"ahn ahn! what a lazy boy! you didn't make the exam cut off score to study medicine!"

Should have had the courage to challenge my mother, she's the one who had it all mapped out (my dad was too busy travelling the globe). My older brother became the medical doctor she wanted, my sister left to her own devices, both taking the heat off the rest of Mr. Laggard me. phew! so I eff'd off to Europe and here I am today in 2015, writing dodgy blog posts under various pseudonyms. And boy do I love it, grammatical errors, poor sentence structuring and all.

Almost lost thread of why I'm writing this post. This is in honour of a lady who has turned out to be a great friend.  Back in 2005/6 my love of music and blogging introduced me to Ms Hyps. seems like forever ago, a good 10 years, a time when blogger was young and the black diggirati could be counted on three fingers.  OK, I exaggerate.  The landscape has changed so much I don't even know if MySpace and Typepad still around.  Home girl kept a dude freshly dipped in good music and I still chuckle at old comments I made on her blog and back in '06. we were young, ready to take over the world, blog pioneers.  A lot of early bloggers have dropped off and I'm probably one of the very few left who even bothers to write stuff.  It was heady days and we always searched for someone new, build the circle. I met Hyps once when she invited me to her leaving party, some dude stateside having stolen her heart. Lucky guy. Wonderful lady and I feel blessed we've kept in touch


Monday, 17 August 2015

Blue Cheese

A pound of blue cheese, yuck! 

Is what I ate some years ago after an intense attack of the munchies. I had caned a reefer of Afghanistan red and I was buzzing like a Trap Queen.  I had gone to see a couple, never been to their yard before, best behaviour and all. The lady had been raving about me to her new Italian dude so I was determined to make a good impression. Out the window. They watched in amazement as I stuffed my African face. Dude offered to go buy some more. I was like a kid who'd smoked their first joint, it was that ridiculous. I must have been anti impression cos their relationship fell apart shortly after. Nah, dude was a compulsive obsessive, his gig being cleaning.

I went to their yard again for a drink up, her birthday (#noreefer), and dude spent the whole evening walking around with a dust pan and brush, tidying up around people. I thought I was bad. Her and I shared a hushed giggle as he did this, me making the "loco" sign when he wasn't looking. "where'd you find this square?".  She had a wild period after their break up then promptly married another square. This one's gig was drinking coke. Super clean living German dude. We'd be out getting pissed and he be in the corner drinking coke. Pints of it. But she loved him (or felt safe with squares). I was miffed I didn't get invited to their wedding but it was all good. Got three kids now. Wonder if he still drinks coke.

Blue cheese ey?


 I can be a big obsessive myself.  Been playing Lupe Fiasco's "Tetsuo and Youth" over and over for months. Keep switching up what is my fav joint off the album.  Current one is "Body of Work", lovely tune.

"God is great but it's snakes on my soul plane!"

Don't ask me how Fetty Wap, a trap rapper gets almost 200 million views for what I'd consider a basic song.  But there is a real appeal to trap music, what with it's singy-songy-druggy feel, but also really compelling Chill Trap production aesthetics. And you already know I'm a big Chill Trap fan.

Oh yeah, the song and another one from another trap rapper Future. Fuck up some commas bitch!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Libation to the Ancestors

Read a deep article based on super-string theory, a branch of theoretical physics which.. I clearly know nothing about. Doesn't matter. The guy discovered that at a certain depth in the connection between atoms you begin to find patterns that resemble computer code. Organic bio matter, whatever, no difference, the pattern remains the very same. Like numbers, the binary 1s and 0s, the stuff used in computer programming, binary mathematics. But not just any code, it resembles the computer code generated when your web browser, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, communicates with a website. Pretty deep huh?

OK so fucking what you ask? Not a lot if you're the religious type. But if you buy into science, pseudo science and alternate theory/spirituality, you may have think again. Ancestor Simulation. Pretty much that our very existence is a software construct. A construct written by an Ancestor and executing this very minute, as I blog and you go to work, in an attempt to answer questions about human existence, by way of simulated scenarios. The fucking Matrix.

Sounds crazy huh? But like everything that lacks empirical proof of existence, you know, like Christianity, Islam, things that require faith and a suspension of inquisition, advocating a supernatural God, it has it followers. So if the inception of existence can't be empirically explained by science or religion then all must be considered.


Now why wasn’t I simulated rich? The ancestors have no chill.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Passing Notes: Sean Price - March 17, 1972 – August 8, 2015

The news of Sean Price's passing at the young age of 43 filled me with great sadness.  Scary that he's around my age, gets one thinking about how short life is.

Sean P was a solo artist and a member of the rap duo Heltah Skeltah.  Together with legendary New York Hip Hop collective Bootcamp Click (BCC), they played a big part in certifying the 90s as the golden era of Hip Hop.  Sean was nice on the Mic and I spun their first CD "Nocturnal" like a million times, the lyrics inflected with braggadocio, 5% street knowledge and great dopeness.  Saw the duo during a London tour and they were as good live as they were on wax.

RIP my brother, may you rest in peace in the bosom of the creator


Tuesday, 4 August 2015


"homie I'm fucked up, you fucked, but if God got us then we goin' be alright"

Monday, 3 August 2015

The 08:12 to London Charing Cross

"lawwd! save me!"

Forgotten what it feels like to walk amongst mere mortals. Too many tourists, too many white people, herd mentality.  As I came off the train into the heaving horde.. I've gotten used to my travel to work on the bicycle. Solitude, mind space to think, Kings of the asphalt, fumes and avoiding being killed.  Weaving through the city like a silent banshee (such a thing?).

My bike's back wheel spoke got fucked up, so train till its fixed. With luck, pick it up this week. On the real, don't ever buy a bicycle from Halfords, their build game is weak, shoddy workmanship.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tendai Mwari

Tendai Mwari: A term from the Shona language, spoken mainly in some south eastern regions of Afrika e.g. Zimbabwe; terms means, “Thanks be unto the Creator”

Proper takeover! It was a great march for the cause of reparations to the African, a certain pride engaged with one's people, various and random discussions about things one tends to articulate a lot in private.  Listened in on heated debates up and down, Rastafari walking with megaphones inspiring the march, breaking into song to the beat of the nyabinghi drums.  Afrikan people, children, adults, even a number of white and asian Rasta.

Came across two Biafran movements, passionate Igbo people, Biafrans, joined in solidarity with the dreads. One advocating a pacifist approach, the other very militant.  I didn't know of any of them from before and had long discussions to understand what they are about.  So yeah, it was more than a march in the end. A question of identity, physical and spiritual.

Meet a young Rasta rapper, Raspect Fiyabinghi, very passionate young man.  Son had his sound system, blasting some really deep Garveyite lyrics over heavy beats.  Bought his CD there and then, and he put me on to his online presence.  Reminded me of Dead Prez.  Revolutionary But Gangsta.
"Round here we say Tendai Mwari, tell em that no man can harm me!"

Saturday, 1st of Mosiah No justice, no peace. 

In the Caribbean 46,000 British slave merchants each received the equivalent in today’s money of £15,000,000 to stop the enslavement of the African (David Olusoga, BBC documentary, July 2015). They put in claims for every man, woman and child owned. It will take generations to spend this money, some say 500 years uninvested. The enslaved African received nothing. 

A travesty that sorely needs to be addressed by the British government. stay woke, be there 1st of August 2015 ..

August is also a month of celebration of Marcus Garvey and his ideals.  Bless


On another note..