Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Welcome to Busseywood

Welcome to Busseywood

Andinkra Arts Collective in collaboration with CLF Art Cafe presents the largest 1 day free African film festival in London at its home in South London at the famous Bussey building/CLF Art Cafe as part of the annual free film festival organised by the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival organisation.
Great films back to back, exploring the exciting multi-layered nature of the African film narrative.
From classic African cinema to new and emerging artists from Africa and the wider African community.


Black Love

Thursday, 3 September 2015

3rd Of September

Yay! It's my earth day today.

Must've updated my social settings cos social media didn't go crazy this time.  On the real, wasn't going to blog, what with a bit of a cold and a bad belly. Yeah, lemsip and indigestion tablets all day.  Had a few phone calls from a few peoples I hadn't spoken to in an age, wishing many more years and all, kinda touched me.  The funniest bit is when I opened the hand made card by my eight year old son and a £10 note fell out :~))) his message was "Dad I hope you get lots of money for your birthday". Aww.  Now I know who's gonna look after me in me old age, lol, bless him.

Yeah it's tough turning sixteen.  It's been good and I feel blessed to see another year.  So thoughts on the year gone? None really, the daily grind, body and soul kept together, that sort of thing.  I do hope the next one to be more eventful and to gain more wisdom.

To anyone else there born today, under the sign of Virgo, or born in September .. Happy Birthday (belated or in advance) to you too. right, I'm off to eat my Co-op supermarket red velvet "birthday" cake :~)


Dr. Umar Johnson is one serious motivator and a very positive role model. I've taken to watching his videos when I feel a dip in spirit and need to hear an alternative. Great interview below with the Breakfast Club, very informative and thoroughly engaging.  We should bring him over here to speak to the black youth and parent


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Turkish delights

Bodrum is just what the doctor ordered. On the south/south west coast of Turkey, the ancient city is a mixture of modernity and culture, and a whole lot of sunshine. 42 degrees most days, and a whole lot of water slides at Bodrum beach resort hotel. The kids were proper mash up by the fifth day. Very glad I went, everything being last minute and all. At 4.25 Turkish lira to the British pound a lot of things were cheaper, cigarettes, drank, and enough money to buy a few genuine fake football kits the local markets specialise in. At £10 GBP a pop I should really set up an eBay shop and get Mustafa to ship stuff over.

Football aside, the harbour city is really beautiful. Founded in 4 BC it has a lot of Greek, Roman influences, even had the Knights rule Bodrum in 15th century AD. The various influences give it a unique feel in everything from architecture to cuisine. Also has two of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Beautiful islands visible from the harbour. Great place and I'm surprised it doesn't get promoted enough. 98% Muslim but very secular in feel and style. A good advert for the Muslim society, very unlike Syria and Iraq, overrun by the Isis maniacs, a few miles from the Turkish borders. They tell me Syria and Iraq used to be like them. Shame on the geo-politics. 

Made a couple of interesting holiday friends, as you do. The first guy was a man I'd just told off on route on the plane for effing and blinding at his son, the second guy a 65 year old Casanova "wide boy" type, along with his two kids.  Both guys the sole carer of their kids, fall out from divorce and sadly death in the swearing guy's case.  I must be a good listener (don't personally think so) cos they proceeded to spill their life stories (me sagely nodding), drag me along to watch the footie, pile into the apartment with their kids to watch a movie on my laptop.  A few other families even thought we'd all come together. 

I should've been a psychologist or something of that sort