Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Star Wars

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Cast

I liked the new Star Wars movie, loved how they brought out the old characters, brought it full circle of sorts.  I have to do a Star Wars movie night sometime, introduce the kids to the back stories ("Dad! who's the old guy on the mountain?").  I was a huge fan in my younger days, alongside my addiction to Marvel/DC comics and stuff.  I clearly remember my Dad taking all of us to see it back then in 1979, us bickering on whether we should watch Superman instead, which was out about the same time.  The later movies were a bit underwhelming (not even sure I watched the last one, what was it?), but you couldn't deny the appeal of the story, good vs. evil, the fall of the evil empire.  I always choose the dark side when I re-enacted the light saber fights with my older brother, loved Darth Vader and that breathy mask of his.

Yup, I get it too, right after I played the game.  Now everything Google is Star Wars themed, especially the YouTube videos, whoosh sounds and all.  I must have chosen the First Order :), cos all my lights are laser red.  Get the same on my Google maps.

my google maps

Lupita ...


Monday, 28 December 2015

Post #285 - Y2K16 Resolutions

editor's speech: "wow! still here. haven't deleted this blog so must be a good run. Here's to the next 285 posts!" 


As the year nears it's end I reflect back on my 2015 day-to-day runnings. Some good, some not so good, some outright "don't ever do that again".

So what to fix in Y2K16?  where to start?

Wasteful expenditure is something I still haven't curbed, especially on frivolous purchases, a vanity problem (why is the expensive WiFi range extender, bought months ago, still in the box? when you gonna unwrap that D'Angelo CD? why is your credit card maxed on crap?).  I know, I tend to buy gadgets and stuff I don't really need, got a box full of them.  Still, there were some real world unavoidable things that demanded one's pockets, the unforeseen visit to the car garage (£450 ouch!), buying a new bicycle (£400 ouch ouch!) which wasn't up to scratch, paying back tax from claiming children credits (not enough ouches lol), new laptop, new school clothes .. it goes on and on.  I think I somewhat still carry on like I'm in my 20s with regards to my finances, a little of that "tomorrow will sort itself out" attitude.  So in 2016 I'm going to keep a ledger of sorts, some way to really track my expenditures.  One can't change what one really doesn't know about.  I could even do quarterly financial reviews for myself lol.  But on the real, gotta get on top of it.

I spent a lot of 2013 and '14 grinding on the side to make up on my software developer day job.  Kinda burnt myself out doing that and decided to thrift it a bit rather than chase the dragon.  Didn't work out as expected, so I kept within the general mean but kept having to make sharp adjustments.  Perhaps I need to re-approach work life in a smarter fashion, yes chuck in the hours, but go more for self than stick to a salaried job.  Not quite sure what but have a few ideas.  Quick! someone give me a good idea, an app or something, I'll get my coding chops salivating.  Had a good chat with a friend who's opening a fast food restaurant in February, lots of good motivating ideas, so fingers crossed.

The elephant in my room.  #1, honesty to myself the biggest one.  Life throws a lot of good things our way, a lot of it we take for granted. White lies, deception, half truths, wasting away the goodness of life on trivia and the banal.  Honesty is an existential question and maybe I'm having an existential crisis. "What is the meaning of life?".  Maybe the question is a stupid one, too broad as to merit a considered answer.  In 2016 I will state and address simple truths, for if I acknowledge them then I can be honest. Was that too esoteric to make any sense to you? Revisit in 2017 and you be the judge.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Festivities 2015

All in all it was a great Merry Christmas. Last minute retreat to join wife's extended family in the countryside, us returning home last night to a broken boiler, no hot water and oven not working (element broken?), kids happy with their presents: Fifa 16 ps3 game, Sonic the hedgehog action figures, track suits, me getting something that's not a jumper. My external hard drive's kaput too :)). I even learned how to ride the Segway. Yup, I love Christmas.

Why I can't book a repair guy for the oven before 9th January I cannot phantom!  Been calling all afternoon and can't get anyone for next week. Arrrgghh! Should have taken that damn expensive care plan!  Haven't even started with the boiler yet.  And all this after I've burnt a hole in my pocket for the festivities! And then Arsenal go and lose 4 - 0 to Southampton? Why?! Why always meee?!!

Tip, if your external hard drive goes tits up, download and pay for EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, does what it says on the tin.


So, the Nativity, a religious myth? Is there some historical truth to the birth of Jesus Christ?  I've always taken it as a nice story of humble beginnings, the inclusiveness of Christianity, anyone and everyone welcome, never believed it to be true or historically accurate.  The story of the virgin birth is typical of many of the Man-God myths floating around at the dawn of the millennium, Osiris, etc.  Quite a few Christians treat the stories as myths, rejecting the December 25th date outright.  But does it matter the history of it all?  There are better discussions on the topic and I got to listen to a great panel discussion last Sunday, hosted by Dotun Adebayo's on his BBC London show.  Interesting because it discusses this from a black perspective, dealing with the undertones of race, visual representation, culture.


Dotun Adebayo




Tuesday, 22 December 2015

arsenal: untitled

the only thing standing in our way is the merry band of men from the midlands

Friday, 18 December 2015

notes from behind a refuse truck

Refuse Truck Thursdays! Yay!

My very own happy humping day (who came up with that?).  Nothing beats cycling behind a refuse truck on Thursday mornings. I don't exactly have a choice in the matter as Thursday is the day the council sends around the bin contractors to empty our organic and recycle bins.  Big slow hulking trucks, winding their way through the narrow Catford streets, blocking the way of all early morning traffic, a foul stench left in their wake.  African, Caribbean and Eastern European guys riding shotgun, darting in and out alley ways and front yards, emptying.  Always as I'm taking off to work. I've come to know a few of them.  Used to loathe the smell but I've gotten used to it, kinda suspect I might be getting high off the butane gas rising from the rubbish.  Great in winter actually, stealing the warmth emanating as I roll behind or alongside the trucks. I'm still not used to the sudden temperature change when I step out the yard, so god sent.

Yeah, I'm a bit weird like that (not too weird I hope)

Yesterday was no different, my fix sorted, though the motorists as always try to fuck up my high.  This one Asian driver kept beeping me, motioning to the ground each time I turned round to see what he was on about. What?! I ain't blocking your way?  I do a quick check around me.  Don't know what he's on about.  So I put more metal to the pedal and speed off.  Still buzzing when I draw up behind this female rider, incredibly sexy cycling gear, thongs showing through her what-must-be tights. Like something out of TRON.  Deliberate? I don't know, but my line of sight is all the better for it.  As I pull up besides her at the traffic lights, I hear rave music pumping from her bike.  Dre beats portable speaker attached between her handle bars, really swanky looking device.  really cool bike too, must be one of those very expensive carbon fibre models

"What you listening to?"
"Oh sorry is it that loud? It's a Pete Tong mix"
"Nah, it's cool still, livens up the route, usually boring"

Eastern European or something, pretty. We kick it for a minute till the light changes.  She speeds off, I think of keeping up but couldn't be arsed.  Mr. Asian driver goes past me, gives me one more look and points backwards.  OK, he's tripping.  My high is gone anyway so it's all sensible riding till I get to work.  The rest of the ride proceeds very uneventfully.  40 minutes later my office block is in sight. Thankfully, because I'm sweating like Jesus after a really fast ride across the Waterloo bridge.  My fault, trying to race a couple of riders across the bridge. I can feel my heart threatening to jump out my chest.  Why do I do these things?

I park the bike and .. shit! Now I know why Asian dude was beebing me!  My rear cycle lights are not there! Must have fallen off back in Catford, around where he beebed.  Arrrggghh! I spent £12 on those lights.  OK, breathe in, breathe out, think positive.  Lunch time I go to Maplins and buy the cheap rear lights.  Life goes on.


TGIF.  Yeah, re that thought, even if you have nothing to offer now doesn't mean you wont later. I mean it would kinda suck donkey balls if one is loved only for what one offers.  Me thinks (images of North Koreans professing their undying love for the great leader). I'm tripping. Have a great weekend



Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Passing Notes: Diane Charlemagne - 2 Feb 1964 – 28 Oct 2015

1995 was a good year. Lots of music, Lazerdrome club in Peckham, life changing events, Tony Blair's New Labour. And Diane Charlemagne.  Her turn on Goldie's "Inner City Life", off his genre defining Drum and Bass (dnb) classic "Timeless", her pleading, defiant, melodic voice ..

.. Epic!

Diane Charlemagne passing touched me big time.  51 years, too young to leave Planet Earth.  Inner City Life was the soundtrack to a rootless time in my life. I'd just come over from Nigeria, young, very broke, disappointed that the streets of London were not paved with gold.  More disappointed finding myself in a homeless hostel in the middle of South London's Stockwell.  Tough times. I qualified for housing benefit from the government but not a penny in income support, classed as a habitual resident.

Inner City London - poverty, crime, drugs, 16 year old kids turfed out of their yards because mom has a new boyfriend, Tesco shopping trolleys strewn everywhere, garmes purchased from Mr. Byrite shops, Nike 100 trainers, Kwik Save, illegal raves and house parties.  Bleak shit.  Everyone smoking weed to keep Babylon at bay.  Goldie's song captured Inner City Britain perfectly, Jungle/Drum and Bass the soundtrack to a lost generation.  Despite all this the buzz on the streets was exciting, adventure to be found in everyday runnings.  I assimilated and in a year I felt like I'd been there forever.  I sometimes wonder what's become of some of the guys from my hostel. Scottish Lizzy from Zimbabwe? mad Kevin from Peckham? did Marlon go on to get his Law degree? Paul still off his head on Magic Mushrooms?  Gary the economics graduate go on to get a job? Did Becky have her baby?  Do any of them still listen to Drum and Bass? *Sigh* where have the years gone?  I digress.

Diane Charlemagne, we salute you! R.I.P

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Saturday Vibrations: Afrobeats

I've been slacking big time, ain't been keeping up with the new choons

KCEE and Wizkid's video made me laugh. "show me your particulars!" I heard that many a time when pulled over by Police back in Nigeria. Unfortunately my having a valid driver's license and insurance papers made them extremely unhappy with me.  Go figure.

Your bumper? flashing! You rear lights? flashing! braaaap, wikid tune! abeg chop knuckle jare!

Akpako Master! Terry G's always been my Afrobeats man, he's that dude, ruff and rugged, distinct style.  keeps it trado! Never been into Timaya's music much, but Malo Nogede below kicks mad butt.  Still trying to find out the meaning/translation of Malo Nogede

My African hair is chemically beautiful

most of the ladies I know don't perm their hair or put in weave, opting to grow it naturally, African plaits, and if at all treated conventionally, using the much more expensive organic hair products. with good reason too, citing horror trips to hairdressers, hair dropping out, burnt scalp, permanent follicle damage, general madness like that. One aspect I'd never heard discussed is that these chemicals used for hair treatment may be causative factors for diseases and conditions like breast cancer, fibrosis, prostate cancer. If you use what essentially a poison on your scalp for years, your man sleeping next to you, exposing your kids to it, there's bound to be a consequence.  Fatal consequences. A hairdresser friend told me some crazy shit about how when the fake hair is harvested from dead people it is not thoroughly cleaned of the formaldehyde, this being the main reason for severe scalp irritation. So why persist in wearing them?

Why am I even talking about this? I was reading an American news article last night and these bunch of white ladies had taken out a class action against one of the big hair product manufacturers, an Asian firm, citing medical problems caused by using their products. Breast cancer and fibrosis were among some of the problems mentioned. They brought forward hardcore research and medical experts to back their claims. I'm thinking, hold up a sec, black women are the biggest consumers of this shit, so why haven't I heard of such similar actions? We black people are too bloody accommodating. Like the late Fela Kuti sang, "suffering and smiling".

One thing lacking is our own African research into the effects of long term exposure because most research articles are targeted at Europeans, the potential effects on us an extrapolation from the details. In effect we are dumb to all of this.  Until then I would advice my black ladies to stop using these products and weaves.

Friday, 11 December 2015

We Are Wakanda





Wakanda is a fictional nation in the Marvel Universe. It is the most prominent of several fictional African nations in the Marvel Universe, and it is home to the superhero Black Panther. Wakanda is located in Northeastern Africa, although its exact location has varied throughout the nation's publication history: some sources place Wakanda in East Africa, just north of Tanzania,[1] while others - such as Marvel Atlas #2 - show it bordering Lake Turkana, near Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia (and surrounded by fictional countries like Azania, Canaan and Narobia). Wakanda first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.[2] The name is evocative of the Wakamba tribe of Kenya.

On Going Back Home To Africa, The Land Of My Ancestors

Was well chuffed to hear My Jamaican Neighbour Mr. C and his wife speaking on Galaxy Radio, an interview with one of the Elders during their recent 2015 Back To Africa trip to Gambia. The wife sounded extremely proud and had nothing but praise for the trip, the warm welcome from the local people, the professionalism of Galaxy in their organization, finally doing something she's always wanted to do.  Three weeks of pure West African sunshine, food and bliss.  I was mad jealous

Mr. C been struggling with health issues of recent and is retired.  Always a conscious man this was one trip he had been meaning to make for years, a spiritual reconnection with the land of his ancestors.  We'd spoken about this in the past and I knew this meant a lot to him, the need to fix this void in his psyche, the need to know, something modern life, kids, finances had kinda stopped him from doing earlier in his life.  I understand this yearning, especially when one looks around and sees nothing but Wazungu.  Sometimes you want to get away from this consuming Modernity and immerse your spirit in the simpler gentler ways of your people's collective.

I remember reading a passage in a book written by Chuck D of Public Enemy (PE) fame, where he recounted his first feelings on touching down on African soil, Accra Ghana.  They were there to perform a concert.  He said the feeling is very difficult to explain, a surge that charges through you, a reconnection that can't be described in words.  He said he turned 360 degrees and saw nothing but his African people - in government, on tv, daily day-to-day life, street vendors - and didn't want to leave.  This passage stayed with me, made me understand how spiritually important this is to the children of our African ancestors.

A trip back to Africa is a must, but unfortunately a lot of our African diaspora Adults and Children in the Western world have been completely brainwashed, trained to view their motherland as a place of chaos and confusion, hunger and starvation, a piece of shit.  Completely scared out of their wits on the thought of getting on a plane and visiting the beautiful continent.  If this was the final plan by Wazungu, to turn the people of Africa against their own, then Wazungu did a very good job indeed.  I have spoken to grown Black men and women, very intelligent people, people who would rather travel to most rural of China, India and Malaysia, work or holidays or on charity work, than travel to Africa.  They pay thousands of pounds to go on Holidays to Europe, The USA, Australia, places where they are not really welcome and at best tolerated, all the while ignoring the beautiful Holidays advertised to places like Kenya, South Africa, Gambia, Namibia, incredible destinations that shade the aforementioned ones.  When I ask why this is I get the weirdest of answers, the flimsiest of excuses. How can you be scared to holiday with people that look just like you?  How bad is this malaise?

Lends credence to The Devil working overtime

Having lived and grown up in Nigeria this makes me very sad but it is what it is.  My last trip to Nigeria I meet loads of Chinese, India, English and other Nationals working and making a very good living. In two cases the men had gone on to marry Nigerian Ladies, start a family etc.  I was told that this wasn't uncommon and many of these guys never leave.  So if these Wazungu can live in our Africa then what is the matter with our African Diaspora? Hmm, appears Wazungu will even thief one's African spiritual connections too.  Wazungu trickery run too deep!

Still, big up to the Galaxy Family for facilitating these yearly trips and schooling us Black People in the Diaspora, reminding us that we are not rootless and are people of a fantastic continent.


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dear President Obama! "NIGGA YOU AIN’T SHIT!!!” (Open Letter To Obama)

"NIGGA YOU AIN’T SHIT!!!” (Open Letter To Obama)


the drugs don't work

Bad news from a girlfriend the other night.  She'd recently been rushed to hospital because of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  The Doctors did all sorts of test to pinpoint the root cause but came back with nothing.  My girl is one the head wrap chicks brigade, healthy type, yoga, pilates, organic coffee, the works, so it was a bit of a mystery.  In her 40s and looks after herself very well.  I told my wife about it and she said asked if Lady takes the pill, and if so to stop immediately. The what? The pill you dumbo, contraception.  So I ask and sure enough she is taking the combined pill since her mid thirties. My wife broke it down, how you are not supposed to take it over the age of 40, about how it can cause DVT, breast cancer, etc, etc, and how her GP should really have advised her to stop and seek alternatives.  We pulled out the leaflet from one of her old old pill boxes and the read was scary as fuck.  How can anyone take these contraceptive pills?  Seriously this society takes too many damn pills! Freaks me out when I walk into my local Boots chemist

I could only think of Big Pharma and their lobby groups. I mean, why else would such healthcare warnings not be widely known?   I remember discussing pills with my wife back in the day and we decided she should stop taking them.  I didn't know the health risk at the time, but it seemed ridiculous and poisonous to me, and I knew I was disciplined enough to pull out :~))).  Don't let no man bullshit you, it can be done.  I know, I know, I know, condoms are the best form of contraception but withdrawal works too.  This is for you fellas that can get condoms into (or should that read "over"? lol!) your thick heads.

I told the Lady to sit with her man and discuss this.  He can't let her bear sole responsibility for these things (we men get off too easy).  Plus at 45 it's not like she'll get *finger snap* pregnant just like that. Or can she?  She's never had kids.  Don't know if that matters.

Find an alternative is the message.  I'm scared for our young ladies already


On a lighter note (as if), new video from The Weeknd.  Dude is starting to be one of my fav artists,

1 luv, Voodum!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Donald Trump got me politically awoke

OK, another blog post.

When I broke down to my dad that Donald Trump was no rabble-rousing, reality TV unhinged simpleton, but a cold and calculating bastard he laughed out loud at me.  Same way he laughed when I pondered that ISIS might just be sending their foot soldiers into Europe posing as Syrian refugees and Nigerians.  Well my pops ain't laughing now.  Mr. Trump is in the forefront of the primaries race with 33% of the polls.  See, I like Trump and his antics, happy to ignore them in their general silliness. But I was also around when the US voters swept George Bush into the White House.  These are men who will sign your ass back into indentured labour if it made sense to the heartland.

No, I don't care for Muslims or anyone who points to some mystery being in the sky. I don't care for Christians too. But what you choose to believe in is no damn business of the State. Though one's private thoughts and belief might not work in an Islamic State.

yeah, carry on! you'll soon stop laughing when he's president

As ridiculous as it sounds, a man like Trump, especially a multi billionaire, can bring about a dystopian future where Muslims are registered and made to wear electronic tags.  I was also around during the years of Apartheid, I witnessed the cream of the South African elite make emotional and very well reasoned pleas to leave the system of Black African subjugation be.  Even Gandhi supported Apartheid. These people are anti correctness.  Political correctness is only observed by Murdoch run press fearing litigious left.  People like Trump routinely ignore such etiquette and say whatever they think, what on the surface may sound ridiculous and offensive, but is representative of a swathe of the population.  No, I'm not talking Rednecks here.

But if public discourse must be had and crazy rhetoric ratcheted up then I would posit we start with the below ...

So, In summary.  Stay woke, the Devil never sleeps

when is bisexual not bisexual?

So I asked my boy if he was bisexual then. "Nah dude, I'm freaky init". OK .. I don't get that, how you mean freaky? I'd assumed bisexual as I knew the dude swung both ways, never asked about it in detail.  like it's my damn business.  People too nosy.  It's like some next brethren asking me about my bedroom tings, I will give him a good stare.

"does you wife like doggy style? 
"what? shut up man!"
"sorry, just asking, don't mean to be rude"

But, yeah, my curiosity got the better of me, as I'd never heard him mention a boyfriend or anything like that.  If you didn't know the breddah well you wouldn't even know.  So he breaks down the science. Explains its as some sort of erotic kink swinging fetish, that he only sleeps with both in the mix (mostly couples), insisting the female half be fully involved.  No, never relationships with men, nothing like that.  A man alone is a turn off for him.  I offered maybe he was repressed, in denial of sorts, confused?  He said no, it was just that, a kink.  So what? did he check out other men on road? Again no, had never given a next man a second look in any sexual way, other than in the mix of erotic play.  I shook my head, the shits sounded very complicated to my simple brain.

Noooo! I wouldn't come like that, be that speculative rude with questions! Hmm, Raptor's kinda asking a very good question. If a lesbian dates .. shut up Chrome! write another blog post, you're done here

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The problem with Wazungu thinking

Shit is getting realer.  

I watched with slight amusement yesterday's news report on the London Tube attacker, the man screaming "This is for Syria!" before stabbing up three people. Him lucky! In US or elsewhere they would have killed him ras on the spot.  The subsequent debate had Wazungu wondering "how can these Muslim men be radicalized so? who is radicalizing them? we gave them a home and safe haven away from their repressive states and look at how they carry on? Can't they just be British?" blah, blah. An of course the Muslim voice on the panel's canned response "these men are not real Muslims, they don't represent Islam, uphold our brotherly Muslim love".  I could have stood in for panel duties all by myself, heard the same arguments over and over. Would make me laugh if not for how dangerous this is getting.

In the past I've tried to break it down, but Mzungu bwai dem are quick to dismiss me.  They don't like to hear it.  You have local disenfranchised youth angered by what is happening in their countries of origin, rootless identities replaced by frankly idiotic God driven fantasy (jihad duty, paradise and virgins), You have ill thought out (deliberate?) Wazungu government foreign policy and greedy corporate that can't quite get that the world has changed. You have murderous geo-political tinkering, the main purveyors being Saudi Arabia, USA, Britain, Russia.  You have voice of reason like Jeremy Corbyn dismissed by Tories and Blairites as weak and pacifist, right and left of center war drums sounding.  I tell Wazungu that Middle East not an easy place for their exploitative ways, that ISIS is a pawn and not a major player (Turkey and Saudi, we see you). But them nah listen though say them know wah gwan, Certain man would say that's how them want it, the maddening hunger for other people tings blinding common sense and good neighbourly behaviour.

So now me don't say nuthin'.  You sporting a long beard and look Muslim I cross the road. I don't share your pain cos you lot are just as bad and will be quick to slave up black people as you've done in the past. As for Wazungu, as always my third eye remain open to watch their demonic ways.


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Been a long time

"Been a long time since I left you". 

Yenge! (hello in one of the Congolese languages) 

Sunday early afternoon, I'm sat in the car, waiting for my second Son to finish his football game, a bit tired from last night runnings, revisiting an online space I've been neglecting a fair bit.

I kinda envy the boys, don't remember my Dad taking us to football anything.  thinking about all the stuff my eight year old does, football club, trumpet lessons, drama after school club, a rich life and ain't even nine yet.  Just like his older brother.  I'm sure I did as much, my memory as usual doesn't serve me well :)) When I see kids that don't do much, plonked in front of PS4 or whatever tablety thing of the month I think lazy parents or couldn't be bothered (don't know any different?). My sons are zesty tenacious forces of nature, drives me bonkers at times tidying up after them, but it's good, like the energy this way, inspires me to keep them looked after. Inspires me to keep riding and going to the gym too.  Gotta big up the wife still, she's the spur behind keeping them occupied and active. I'd vote her mother of the month if there is such an award.

But one recent struggle has been the eight year old's Holy Communion classes.  I'm torn between supporting his participation in one of "the 5 holy sacraments" vs my views on organised religion. I've divorced the church in my personal life (implies some sort of public persona lol), my world view completely changed from my days attending a seminary secondary school.  The Church is not far off from the Corporate machine, peddling hope and creaming off peoples desires for a better life - "donate generously". They are not vampires like Big Corporation™, but something about being instructed to live by hope doesn't sit well.  Plus their place in history, wholesale destruction of cultures in the name of bringing "Christ" to the uncivilized is simply unforgivable.

I respect Christ the man, in the same I respect true leaders, but I reject the cult of the Church. I don't blame him for this, lol, man love to create cult and following, the most little of reasons to do so good enough. But as a philosophy and way of life it feels very foreign, unfortunately something I realised later in my life, having wasted years being instructed in it's tenets. It wasn't a fault of my parents, my dad practically atheist himself, but a prevalent influence in my Nigerian society that demanded Christian or Islamic conformity, anything else heretic and witchcraft. It's a long bit of a rambling explanation, probably more about me than my views on my son's  upcoming holy communion.  but it's a deep thought this belief thing. So should I support or dissuade my son? I'll do neither, I will strive to show him his native African narrative alongside whatever else he is exposed to. 

OK, long one. Existential, probably have to revisit this

Hello blog, been a long time. And yes, to you darling, Mrs K, thanks for blogging, you are still my inspiration. 

Friday, 4 December 2015

Cognitive Bias

When you go looking for evidence that will confirm your own prejudices


Cable con

I can be such a cheapo sometimes. 

Bought a pack of 6 USB cables on Black Friday just gone (I'm sure there's something racist about the day), £5.99, lots of positive reviews. Needed something to charge the phone while driving. Good sense and experience says pay a bit more for quality and avoid Chinese Samsung knock offs. Did I listen? Nope. Battery started overheating on first cable (how safe is your phone charger?), second didn't work, third kinda but very slowly, the rest same ish quality. 

I went back online and went through the 45 mostly 5* reviews. Surely one of these motherfuckers must have had the same experience? Not one. Then it hit me!  Not one of the reviews had a recommendation! I looked at the reviews of other more expensive cables listed, most of their reviews recommended, a few negative, more realistic.

the dastardly culprit! (amazon listing)

I'd been conned. The vendor must've paid a heap of people to score the product highly. Like they say, a mug is born every day. Sending the shit back. Now where did I put that receipt?


So I'm feeling brock up. Been doing twice/tri weekly gym sessions in addition to my daily cycling and my body is starting to protest. My weight's dropped by 5kg and I feel fitter but I constantly feel knotted and in need of a stretch. My libido has gone up to lol! what ah ting! A nice problem to have that one :D. Still got bad eating habits, biscuits and choccy late at night - got to really really kick that habit. but baby steps, getting there.  I'm just under two inches away from an ideal and healthy (read safer) waistline:

Waist measurement guidelines (diabetes risk):
Ethnic groupMenWomen
White94cm or 37 inches80cm or 31.5 inches
Black94cm or 37 inches80cm or 31.5 inches
Asian90cm or 35 inches80cm or 31.5 inches

that's whats up!

The professional advice is a massage once in a while, like a deep tissue one, full body, but I never seem to find time to book one. Might invest in one of those whirlpool jacuzzi things you install in the bath. probably costs a packet. Could go to the spa but it's not round the corner.

Anyone got some advice, useful recovery tips?

TGIF: chat shit get banged

it's friday so ...


"chat shit get banged!"

Quote attributed to James Vardy (Mr. record breaking 11 goals in 11 consecutive premier league football games).  I'm sure he never said such

Anyone who thinks he's overrated is a hater


So a friend of mine went to a sex party the other day, went home extremely disappointed. Party was held by BBCLovinWitches, a bunch of white women with a voracious appetite for Big Black Cock (BBC). His gripe was they were old scraggy BBW chicks and really did look like witches. Another gripe was the party was full up of young African guys clogging up the hallways of the "Mansion" (as was advertised).  What is it with young African guys and old white women?  Mansion was a falling-apart yard, on a non-descript South London street - still, probably worth £450K. London eh?

His rant doesn't represent my opinions, though I hate this BBC fetish thing. I would like to think there is a mutual respect between BBCLovinWitches and young African guys, the driver being demand and adequate supply.  In stark logical terms, bbc vs. bbw .. fight!


I like Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader and a man who sticks hard and fast to his pacifist principles.  I knew Corbyn through the Stop The War Coalition and have always admired his fine arguments against the dogs of war (read US, UK, Halliburton, BAE, the like).  Every Media rag and it's dog is out to bring this man down, even the left/left-of-center Guardian. Disgusting really, no balance or objectivity. What happens when Rupert Murdoch runs your country's media (Government too?).


But his validation is the people who elected him, his rating going up despite the vicious attacks. Says a lot about Sheep.