Friday, 22 January 2016

TGIF: Black Intelligence

Got a WhatsApp message from a relative, very excited to share her livestream broadcast on tvlab.  Her and her Uni friends interview the comedian and radio broadcaster Aurie Styla. She the host presenter :))))

Interview starts at 0:54 minutes (could do with a little editing lol)

Nothing like the beauty of intelligence. Just see the way they all sound, clarity, getting messages across.  This is what we want to see more of from our young Black Gentlemen and Ladies, a presentation of a very positive intelligent image, something to combat the relentless negative stereotyping that prevails in the media and society at large.

More of the same!


It's Friday innit? and now for some foolishness ...

perhaps it's better this way


When I first saw Big K.R.I.T's album cover, "It's better this way", I knew I had to use it as my desktop background. Its been months now, the first thing I see when I start my grind and the last.  An apt way to remind myself that when I go off the beaten path of life perhaps it's better this way. 

dope mixtape btw, very thoughtful lyrics and great production. great replay value. free

I used to think if one didn't follow the norm that one strayed from the narrative.  Church, the house (the mansion and the yacht), a beautiful wife, job, 2.5 children, the national average.  picket fence.  A strict blueprint to be followed, against which ultimately all of one's worth would be measured.  As I ticked off I felt I was missing the point of living.  I've made some stupid mistakes, made some really stupid decisions, but in all cases I've learnt something from them (apart from not doing them again).  But I've gone on to beat myself up for not sticking with the program.  Who's program though? I've also been adventurous, refused conformity, and seen some measure of reward.  That positive reinforcement of doing something I really care about.

Yin and Yang.  Aka Ekpe vs. Aka Nri

I like to think I fashioned my own blueprint, but the mistake is one trying to live by the codes of a finite document.  Is off road lonely? It can be sometimes.  It's sitting in a cafe in a Moroccan village, 2 am in the morning, drinking mint tea with the locals.  It's doing a Master's degree in computer science thinking wtf, how am I ever going to pay these fees? It's going for a stroll on a nudist beach in my birthday suit, random convos with Germans, thinking OK, this is real crazy.  It's spending a Sunday afternoon trying to cook something out of Levi Roots Caribbean cook book, just about getting it right.  Esoteric. But one's life must be so, no? Understood (or mis-) by me, myself and i-n-i

You cant find the meaning of life in a blueprint. Perhaps it's better this way.


Remember the movie Scanners?  The burden of reading minds ..

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

like that bitch from Instagram!

Slow ass day at work (working from home) .. the upside is I get to start week three of my advanced data structures course.  The course teaches how to write the nuts and bolts of a Google Maps application, its complexities and design decisions to consider.  Last night I kept grinding till 2 am in the morning, last bits of week two's assignment, deadline day.  Reminded me of University.

Kinda glad I didn't have to ride into work today. Yesterday's ride weirded me the fuck out. It was minus something cold and I was shivering as fuck. Half way into the ride I stopped feeling the cold but instead started feeling drowsy. Like comfy drowsy.  How can that be? I was shivering a moment ago? This is when it hit me that I must be suffering some mild Hypothermia.  Scared me enough to pull over and shake my head vigourously, splash some water from the water bottle over my face.

thank god I quit smoking(-ish)!


loooool! that video's crazy!

"babes do you want a drink?"
"No! cos I'm not thirsty .. like that bitch from Instagram!"

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Rich

Richest 62 billionaires as wealthy as half the world population combined?


Got hustled by a Buddhist Monk today lunchtime. He handed me a golden card. 



colleague I was going to lunch with explained he meant peace. oh! suitably embarrassed I donated the £2 he was collecting and signed his diary thingy. as we walked away I thought .. have I been mugu'd? OK, if he's for real,  Buddha bless his grind etc etc.
Hmm, but what if he isn't?  I'll wait till Ming, the local DVD distributor, comes round again, tell him about this safer less police hassle and deportation free hustle :)

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Alt: David Bowie

I'm still on my David Bowie thizzle, digging in the crates for his old stuff, getting familiar. Dude was prolific

"I will love you till I reach the end"

I heard Tonight for the first time on a Mixcloud mixtape - Strange Sounds #7 (Tribute to David Bowie) - last week, a tribute cover done by Iggy Pop. Though a great cover, the original is so fucking awesome, especially with Tina Turner strutting her stuff on it (original version? don't know).  Bowie had a love for Black Women, must be his Brixton background.  Never mind that, here is the Mixcloud mixtape.

The opener to his "Moonage Daydream" ... "I'm an Aligator!" .. pow!!!


Have a great weekend and keep doing you, just the way we like it. But remember, be safe.  But if you can't .. you know the drizzle :))

Bless Up!


notes on the way back from football

We are driving home from Pro Tech Friday night training (great outfit, run by this Brother and his two sons).  My boys are busy telling me about the new things they learnt, but I'm half listening.  Defensive midfielder vs. Attacking Midfielder?  The Brother on Galaxy radio just said all humanity originated from Africa.  My 9 year old pauses his chatter, turns to me quizzically.

"But what about Adam and Eve?"
"What of Adam and Eve?"
"They are white"
"Who told you that?"
"It's in my children s bible"

So I take a deep breath, break it down to him that Adam is most certainly black and that images in the children's bible are of white people because an English person drew it.  He's still quizzical. What colour is God? I smiled.

God Is Black

Luboš Motl couldn't have put it any better. The Black Woman Is God
Luboš Motl couldn't have put it any better. The Black Woman Is God


Friday, 15 January 2016

post #300: save the white race

I listened to a BBC scientific radio discussion last weekend that got me thinking.  Someone on the panel postulated that, given the dropping birth rates, pills, waiting longer to have kids, genetic tinkering, the white race will die out in a millennium, with zero trace by the next one. Postulated, because the reasons given are environmental, but may well be the manifestation of a genetic imprint that causes white people to extinct themselves (self destruction?).  Not my words, I don't know enough of about the science to have an opinion or make any analysis

Interestingly, this panel was made up of solely white men, discussing the issue citing cold hard scientific facts. no racial bias at play.

We are already starting to see this in Western European countries and the USA, rapidly falling birth rates.  They are also starting to see this pattern in countries like China and Japan.

One day Black kids will learn about the caucasian white and far east asiatic people in a science/history classroom.

Perhaps this is why we are suffering this system of white supremacy (racism one of it's tools)?  An attempt to consolidate in the face of impending doom of the caucasian race, preparation for a time when they are on-the-verge-of-extinction minority.  But is white supremacy that organized? Are there men hidden from general population, plotting, scheming, manipulating world events in favour of the white race, for reasons of race preservation?  Funding science to make the race live to older ages?  Stranger things have happened.

Save the white race ey? The force of Mother Nature is a beautiful thing

As usual you can depend on rapper Lord Jamar to give his take on White Supremacy (10.10 minutes into the video)

Thursday, 14 January 2016


:)) can't stop effin' grinning as I post this (stop!). had it on rewind like thrice. beautiful is all I can say

Because it matters - "Stronger Force"

(Artist : Dawna Lee. Taken from the album Love, written and produced by Dawna Lee & Mykey Simpson)


Every African Is A Star

"Every nigger is a star!
Every nigger is a star!
Who will deny that you and I and every nigger is a star?"

Sammy laughed when the intro to Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly came on.  We'd been smoking for hours, stoned, vibing, deep convo.  Kendrick's deep consciousness lyrics the best record to put on in the background.

"Boris Gardiner! big tune man!"
"who's Boris Gardiner?"
"you and your hip hop innit, don't know the old tunes"

Sammy loves his rare grooves and roots reggae, forever schooling me on stuff.  I didn't know (hadn't bothered to find out) the source of the sample. “Every Nigger Is a Star” is the titular song of the soundtrack to the 1973 Jamaican movie of the same name.  It's an amazing song, very much one of its time. Has some great covers too, from Big Youth to Super Cat.

The word Nigger (or Nigga if you must) is a source of contention. Some hate it for it's connotations, the youth embrace it to own it and take the sting out.

A number of hip hop tracks have attempted to articulate it's use, the best example I can think of being A Tribe Called Quest's Sucka Nigga

Mos Def's Mr Nigga is a great one too, slightly different take

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Death Becomes Us (ode to Corornus, The Terminator)

Coronus, The Terminator.  Some people are so creative they can express the inevitability of their life

David Bowie's Blackstar.  fascinating video, all I could think of was Obeah. very delibrate, dark and beautiful. He celebrates his own death.

when I first saw Flying Lotus's "Never Catch Me" featuring Kendrick Lamar I was mesmerized.  Don't think I've seen anything like it before.  Of a celebratory nature, it's an oddity that yields a different explanation each time I watch it.  Dead children ascending into the heavens? What goes on?

Fly Lo's other track "Coronus, The Terminator" plays on similar themes albeit of a dark nature. The opposite of the previous video.  Haunting track.  This has a distinct Voodun-esque feel to it.  Death is inevitable. Are we still scared to Death that one day we might die?


Dr. Frances Cress Welsing passed away on the 2nd of January this year, an icon in the field of psychiatry and race relations.  This woman is, scratch that, this Queen was on a different plane of intellectual.  I remember watching the below video many moons ago, spellbound, thinking I'd never heard theories on White Supremacy and racism expounded on in such a finite way.  I did go on to read a few of her writings but still annoyed with myself I haven't read the Isis Papers (one for this year).

Rest in peace Ma, your legacy is one they can never destroy no matter how hard they try

This interview with Tony Brown sums up her intellect. fascinating and must be studied to understand these things.

In memory of Alz's dad

My friend Alz lost his father over the weekend. He posted his muse on Facebook.  I've reproduced it here (rough translation from Italian).  It's a bit hard to read but you can understand his heartfelt sentiments

"After the demise of that amazing man who gave me the christmases I started to ask me questions whose answers, another time, I would have been commonplace. Maybe I never really place the problem of what happens next, and I must say that I envy everyone who by faith or laziness you give an answer maybe mild but effective.
I'm not. An answer I still don't give it to me, faithful to my idiosyncrasy agnostic i clung to life and what happens after that I'm gonna keep it as a surprise ending without any preparation. At the bottom in life always improvised and ho so far, I went well.
Found out though, ho in this sad affair, of having a big family and populated by individuals of culture and intelligence, which after all is a little different. What a surprise! Start the group on whatsapp, the "I love you" Fiottano and geographically distant people begins to get closer in your thoughts. We begin planning meetings and dinners and drinking of wine real and, think a little bit, even virtual. Gesumino was spinning tele social even dead.. I couldn't believe it. Is anyone even boarded in research and drafting of a family tree. Someone complains that the skirmishes of our fathers we have been kept and that the past doesn't matter and we must start from scratch. I will stop and I think about it.
Albeit true that there is no past without this, there's not even a future without a past. Past that we must always keep this to remind you, in every moment and in every decision, who we are. Someone long ago pointed it out and today, I add an attribute entirely genetic that perhaps should not be underestimated. On the bottom of who we are today is the result of the intellectual heritage of the people who put us in the world. We leave from where they came and if it goes well, we can go where they would never poturi to arrive. Today I'm trying to keep close the family home and support the woman that my father has loved for many years and that deep down, maybe I don't get anything out of it. How does in a normal family (and my normal is not). Not that it's a duty but I know that it is the right thing, and I know he would have done the same. I look around and I see spectators and stunned disbelief. But in the history there are so many examples of sacrifices by virtue of an ideal. Then there was the concept of "Homeland" and politicians of the first republic and earned a thousand liras lost late nights to untangle the thoughts to an end very greatest of them. Maybe in the age of Facebook this boils down to a series of "like" and a pat on the back views but I see all the scenery of my past fade with my dad and I can't believe we spend on this earth without a trace where this is not Made of tangible material or undertakings from history books. Of course he's tangible matter has the role of keeping fresh in my head our of history. Where we come from and what we are. To plan future ideas and not only for our children but maybe even for the neighbor kids or for the newsagent at the corner. Why is there even who of children don't have any. And maybe not even understand the importance of an idea, or the justice intellectual. I wonder what he'd think great-Great-Grandfather Philip that was lurking bubbly his 1829.
I sure know what he thought that nice scoundrel of my dad and what he thought of him all the people that she met him. Between tears and smiles we celebrated by eating and drinking his very strong wine. Him that was genuine, that you weighed the soul by looking in your eyes, and he didn't have any hesitated to tell you all in my face. Because life is short, and to me that he has taught me well.

My Dad was a really cool."

Monday, 11 January 2016

Why Can't Men Love Two Women at Once?

loooooool! I've been watching Two Angry Men off the BattaBox YouTube channel for a minute and that beer parlour street corner borderline slack banter never fails to leave me in stitches.

no, don't ask me about the bikini clad ladies on the video's cover

"Ah! Ah! Men are trained to love five women equally now! Ah Ah!"

The guys are saying this in faux tipsy jest but Polygamy is legal and very well practised in most parts of the Nigerian traditional society, especially in the Muslim north.  If anything it's in the south and west euro-judeo-christian tainted cultures that brings such discussions come about.

Queen Aayanna has a more nuanced take on the subject of Polygamy.  Will it heal the black community? A bit of a stretch but I get her arguments

Is monogamy selfish? I think it is limiting, but everything should be taken in context.  No no no, You can't just because.  You have to be ready, very honest, mentally (and financially) strong and very supportive to even go there.  Slack men and jealous women need not apply


Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week done (b/w Maxwell b/w In Memory Of David Bowie R.I.P)

1st week of the year gone, the rest of the year starts.

Chilled out Sunday, great FA football action (Spurs vs. Leicester? woof woof!), doing some studying and finding it hard going (Graph theory anyone?), rewarding still.  Some regret that I've broken a couple resolutions, slapping myself for not playing safe .. life goes on. But all in all a good-ish start to the year, one or two reminders already that there's lots to live for.

How long do resolutions last?


Was my 9 year old's birthday yesterday, had to laugh at his shyness.  I picked up another birthday cake on our way to his holy communion class, to which he wasn't happy about much.

"But Dad! they are not my friends!"
"C'mon dude, you've attended many classes with them, surely we should bring cake"

He loved it in the end, them singing, the teacher making the class clap nine times for him. He was all smiles, lots of high fives and pats on the back.  He was the man. To top it, Gerald the burger guy in the market gave him a free hot dog and a coke. :~)) plus he got £55 pounds in birthday money, strongly reminding me of my new year promise to double any money he receives and saved in any one month.  Did I really say that? lol.  Childhood ey? the joys of it.  Nobody gives Daddy-O anything these days


Still on my Maxwell thizzle.  My last post featuring DJ Rahdu's mixtape of remixes of his popular tracks got me checking YouTube for new song/videos I'd never seen.  The Weeknd reminds of dude.  Great playlist featuring videos to 26 of his songs, kicking off with the incredible J Dilla (a.k.a Jay Dee) remix of Ascension.

Thank God for YouTube ey?


R.I.P to David Bowie (born David Jones, Brixton, London, aged 69), one of the greatest to ever do it! After 18 months of battling cancer he went back to the creator, passing away in his sleep.  I'd always been fascinated by him. Off key, very creative, his marriage to Imam, genre and gender bending, crazy lovable dude, an inspiration that one can dare to be different and succeed.  Lol, I'm sure he'd be smiling at thought of croaking at the ripe old age of 69, everything he did in style. even death.  Jokes aside.  What better way to remember him ey? A YouTube playlist of 75 of his best songs.  Enjoy and Reminisce.

We'll miss you Starman. Amen

Friday, 8 January 2016

TGIF: Maxwell Remixes (don't ever wonder)

End of the week, time to chill out.  what better way ey? wikid mix!

DJ Rahdu - The Suite Spot: Maxwell Remixes Mix

So yeah, tgif, have fun, all that good stuff. and if you must be naughty, play safe



Man! I so want to travel around Africa right now! Amazing pictures init?

Gangs Of London

Still can't get my head around the University guy gang member, like why throw it all away for some gang related foolishness? And the boy with 10 GCSEs?  We all did foolishness as youths, but stabbing up a fellow youth with a Zombie knife?  Shame on Amazon UK for selling these weapons.

A serious disconnect among the Black Youth.


Talking of crime my man P shared some bad news over the festivities.  He told me his son was starting a three years jail sentence for armed robbery.  I was shocked having known them for years, very unexpected bad news.  We talked about the jail sentence extremely disappointed.  P's in his early 60s and his first Son going to jail was the last thing he needed, especially as Son is a University Graduate, the one expected to guide the younger members of P's family.  Even more disappointing is that said first Son is fucking 47 years old!  You can do nonsense in your teen/early 20s, but at fucking 47?  Had never gotten into trouble with police or been to jail his whole life.

P said he'd noticed his song hanging around with this known hood but thought nothing of it.  P respected his choice of friends, being a grown man and all, didn't feel need caution him about the company he keeps.  His Son had recently been divorced by his wife and had lost his job.  P got him to stay with him to weather the heavy emotions and bad times, get back on his feet.  Somehow the guy had become very misguided and fallen into very bad company.

do machines do existential?

One of my favourite bits from The Matrix is where the character mouse muses about the tastebuds of the machines
"That's exactly my point. Exactly. Because you have to wonder: how do the machines know what Tasty Wheat tasted like? Maybe they got it wrong. Maybe what I think Tasty Wheat tasted like actually tasted like oatmeal, or tuna fish. That makes you wonder about a lot of things. You take chicken, for example: maybe they couldn't figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything."
Forget about machine, I'd challenge anyone to explain the taste of chicken. All we've got are frames of reference and can't existentially say what chickens taste like.  How do Vegetarians know Tofu tastes like chicken?  And why always chicken?

and why did the chicken cross the road anyway?

I was riding home last night and witnessed a dog staring at it's reflection in a shop window, tail wagging, the owner furiously trying to pull it away.  Do dogs recognize themselves in the mirror?  I read somewhere that recognition is the first point of self actualization, separates human from animal.  Take the Ostrich for example, it sticks its head in the sand to hide from a predator.  Toddlers do exactly the same thing, covering their faces to hide (not from predators I hope). But we grow, become self aware, perceptive of our place in the environment.  But do we actually know we exist? We talk a lot about our consciousness, as if this is separate to our physical being.

I'll stop, off to have a Chicken Salad for lunch


DJ Rahdu from BamaLoveSoul crew is becoming my go to man for Jazz and Soul mixes, never fails to impress

Been spinning Kendrick Lamar's track Untitled 2.  Deep lyrics


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

WUA Special: Cecil The Lion

"Dentists, give me the shivers, can't stand them". lol

in love’s launchpad, everything we lift up soars

Nigeria: Not exactly in rude health, but ..

When I read in the news that IMF director Christine Lagarde was on an official visit to Nigeria it didn't sit well.  The IMF visiting is a sign that all is not well, usually followed by loans with crazy conditions. Thankfully it wasn't that. The visit was to discuss economic ties and discussion of future partnerships. Still doesn't sound right, right? lol!

The falling oil prices is a very big problem to countries like Nigeria and Angola.  Luckily Nigeria has a very big internal market with oil constituting 10% of GDP.  Yes, ish is not going well with the currency sliding backwards but the large market and generally good governance are strong mitigating factors.  Strange off my tongue mentioning Nigeria and governance in the same sentence, but its a measure of how far democracy has come that the IMF recognise this.  It's not looking good for Angola though as they rely solely on Oil exports for hard currency.  Diversification you can't take for granted to weather economic down turns.

Someone's playing games with the oil prices and stands to benefit. Or China's insatiable appetite is hitting a ceiling.  Regards I don't see the price of fuel going down at the local pump.

Good on Nigeria, bit of international good news is needed to boost confidence

... Still, the IMF in any form is always bad news

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2015 .. a music retrospective (kinda)

Started off 2016 on a good note, gym sessions Saturday and Sunday, cycled into work the last two days (probably given me good self a cold, all that riding in the rain). Not too bad, as I'm usually nursing a hang over from the New Year festivities.  

As for NYE, couldn't be arsed to go out raving so sat at home and watched Bryan Adams and Jools Holland on TV, nursed a large shot of Captain Morgan's Rum, got comfy.  Great shows.  As the clock struck midnight I felt a pang of anticipation, letting go of all that had gone the year before, preppin' my mind for what lay ahead.  Hugs and kisses with the fams, requisite phone calls and texts to other family and friends. 2015 gone for good, a new year.  I can spit sports and politics, but nah .. So what were my music highlights?

Last year I listened to a hell load of new Hip Hop, just when I'd almost called time on the genre.  I listened to a hell load of Kendrick Lamar, dude easily owned last year, that heady mix of rapping, free jazz

I got introduced to J Cole too. Was blown away by the ease of his style and his honesty.  I rediscovered Hip Hop as I remembered it, thoughtful, challenging, lyrical.

But I also got into Trap Music hard too.  Drug fueled, ignorant, light on lyrics, top heavy on styling.  I'm that complex a listener.  One minute conscious, the next rapping along to complete nonsense.  I mean, what the eff is Future rapping about? Fuck up some commas? exactly.  But as Ms. Hyps agrees the shit is mad dope

But if I got back into something big time it was jazz. Kamasi Washington's The Epic had me hooked most of the year, my go to when shit got hectic.  Epic!  Appreciated it more because my little son's learning to play the trumpet and saxophone

My biggest Afrobeat joint last year was PSquare's Collabo, couldn't escape it any part I went too.  Those boys don't play.  I'm also finding myself clicking on any video that features Don Jazzy, his production is always on point!

One of the biggest Afrobeat tune last year was Wizkid's remix of Ojuelegba featuring Drake and Skepta. Bad chooon!

"when I was in school being African was a diss"

My 12 year old kept going on about this Croydon boy called Stormzy. Warned him there better be no swearing otherwise I'll seize his phone. Just in case, I gave Stormzy a listen ... boooow! Shut Up!

Definitely getting a MOBO award this year. Big up for winning best male act and best grime act in 2015!

Did I listen to anything chill? Hell Yeah! Chris Brown baby! Autumn Leaves was my jam all day long! Couldn't get enough of it. Beautiful music, beautiful video

Ms Hyps put me onto Teedra Moses's new stuff. Boy nuff tunes on there but this with Anthony Hamilton was one of my favs.  My gal is coming to London, Jazz Cafe, in a few weeks, still undecided if I'm gonna reach.  Hyps? should I go?

Right that's it I'm out.  Oh yeah, ran amok with Drum and Bass.  Best for when I'm writing some complex piece of code. What artist? Calibre init, who else? Don't even know where to start with the man, he has that many choons.