Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Purple Rain

Natty Dub Iration!

This is my dub week, third day in a row rinsing out the higher height vibes! Favourite on constant repeat is London Youth Zacheous Jackson on Dubheart's Make We Move. heavy! heavy! heavy! coptic!

Look at the fucking trumpets go! Dubheart is a wikid band! Wazungu know say Babylon must fall!

Always been a fan of Big Youth. The production on "warn them" is crazy rough, so much going on in there. treasure trove of samples

"Bongo, teach them to love one another"

Dub has always had my ear from the age of 9 when Uncle Sonny used to keep Black Uhuru on constant repeat. That dubbed out sound always warms my heart.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Dog Pound b/w Drake

Just finished watching the movie Dog Pound. Need a drink

Dog Pound was unexpected intense. It's a Canadian remake of the British movie Scum, three young guys caught up in Juvenile detention, the fatalities, the craziness, nihilism.  Shook me the same way Scum did all those years ago.  And here I was trying to Netflix and .. sleep?  find something not too heavy, idle-ish to watch.  This woke me right the fcuk back up.

It brought back forgotten memories.  I remember a few visits to see a friend's son in Feltham Young Offenders Correctional Center.  I remember it feeling incredibly oppressive, my friend's boy a completely different person, marked change from the happy go lucky kid.  Obviously he was happy to see us but I could feel the barrier he'd raised to hide his vulnerability, self protection.  Asked him a few times if he was OK.  He looked at me pointedly after the third ask.  I had to zip my concerns.  Do the crime, do the time but my feeling was the kids came out more fucked up than when they went in.  I've met a couple other ex offenders and I could see it had left a mark on them.  Jail is an eff'd up place.

I've never been in prison (touch wood), my youth a passage of teen stuff, scraps here and there, pranks, girls.  I did learn to toughen up real quick, learn to fight, that you got picked on and bullied if you were weak.  So I had my fair share but I never got into anything that got me in trouble with police.  I'm claustrophobic, me and a prison cell will never get on.  there were some borderline runnings but thank Allah I saw sense real quick. If anything my major problems came in University (of all places).

I don't know, every time I see a rough youth on street I just know he's heading right down the road to Babylon.  Every time I say a prayer.


But it's Saturday, skip the heavy mentals for a minute ...

I don't think I've ever listened to a Drake song before, like really listened.  "From Time" featuring Jhene Aiko is a really lovely track.  May be I shouldn't sleep on Dude so much.  Jhene is an incredible singer, should catch up on her too


Good Morning/Good Night

Friday, 20 May 2016


Indeed TGIF! been a long ass week, too much work and not enough chill.  I know, real life and all, but I'm tired of real life and all it faux pressures.  Gotta put in some down time, hook up with old friends, drink some brew, shake a leg to some disco, do other stuff.  

Have a good weekend. be good. and if you can't be good at least be safe


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Desiigner - Panda

official video ain't bad.  Desiigner Panda.  I find myself cycling through London's traffic muttering "panda! panda! panda!" :~)

lyrics video (in case you didn't understand him. what? you didn't? panda? comprende? engrish muthafucka!)

as these things go turns out there is a father to Desiigner's style.  say hello to Future. he definitely needs some commas

and of course a mother too. say hello to Young Thug

Monday, 16 May 2016

Sunday Is Bliss

yesterday was a good day. glorious sunshine, kids all over the place, ital food and drink, everything criss for an early summer Sunday. by the evening I and my visiting brethren plonked out in the back garden to herbalize and meditate, leaving the kids in the parlour bashing FIFA 16 on the PlayStation, mommy upstairs having her quiet time. bliss.

we chilled, the portable speakers playing the sweetest reggae, man like King David of Glam Radio UK on the ones-and-twos

We spoke about life, his complications of being in love with a woman he wished had been his wife (some complexities to that effect), bills, upcoming trip to Gambia, runnings in Mother Africa.  We managed to kill a half bottle of Captain Morgan's and an eighth bag.


I've taken to Shazam, so good how it names a tune. Always had it on the phone but rarely used it.  My Shazams are kinda random, :) I'd have a very hard time making a mixtape off them

ha! Panda! Panda! Panda! still don't have a clue what Desiigner is on about on this

never knew the artist to this one, errol dunkley and his back catalog a revelation. you learn

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Masta Ace @XOYO London: The Show

Great great show! never had so much Hip Hop fun in an age. Masta Ace was hard core running through his back catalog, gem after gem, some I'd forgotten he'd even made. Delivery sharp as ever. Ably assisted by Legendary DJ/Producer Marco Polo and Emcee Stricklin it was completely bananas.  Even managed to shake his hand at the end (#noselfie) and big him up!

And @49 years of age too! Black don't crack! still hope for me lol!

I'm completely shattered this morning (I am completely insane).  I finished the show, gave my man T a pound and took a train from Old Street back to Charring Cross station.  Go there around midnight, hopped on my bicycle and rode 10 miles back in the pouring rain to Catford. Pulled up at the yard at 1 a.m.  I know, completely insane, but I rode with a silly smile on my face.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Masta Ace, 10th May 2016 @XOYO Shoreditch London

I first heard Masta Ace rap way back in 1990, me a little youth back in the Federal Republic of Naija, fiendin' on anything and everything Hip Hop. 27 years later and I'm going to see Ace in concert @XOYO in Shoreditch London.  A previlege Too many memories man, too many Hip Hop nights rapping long to all sorts.  The good ol' days.  Can't even remember the last time I went raving on a Tuesday night :))

How Masta Ace has stayed relevant all these years with the changing rap landscape I don't know. Ace is fucking 49! I guess a strong craft, good writtens, good management, wikid flow, all of the above.  But more importantly an honest quality grind.

Eminem's favourite artist and when you listen you see why.

Ace did it all, such a dope dope rapper.  the video below, Born To Roll? the bass on the song is retarded

I could post this dude's stuff all night. The next video is off the soundtrack to Spike Lee's movie Crooklyn ... Vintage NYC Hip Hop. Intelligent rap

"Black man with a permanent tan, I came from the building, never ran, damn!"

Monday, 2 May 2016

Congratulations To Leicester City Football Club!

Leicester Fans paying tribute to Claudio Ranieri (Guardian Video)

wow! what a game tonight! I'm an Arsenal supporter and I was at the edge of my seat for 90 fucking minutes, desperately willing Chelsea to equalize after falling behind to the great enemy that is Tottenham Hotspur F.C.  And then Eden Hazard blasted in at the 83rd minute. 2 - 2. Whoooooosh! Game over! How Spurs remained with 11 men on the pitch by the final whistle I don't know. Dirty guys, hacked the Chelsea players to bits in their desperation to win the game.  Never mind, serial bottlers.  And now .. Leicester are crowned champions of the 2016 Premier League!

Congratulations To Leicester City Football Club!

Congratulations To Leicester City Football Club! Premier League Champions 2016!

Congratulations To Leicester City Football Club! Premier League Champions 2016!