Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Fire In The Hole

"you ready cuz?"
"always bruv, always, always"

Akala's Fire In The Booth series with BBC 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth is legendary. Part 4 is no different. Intelligent lyrics, zero slackness, blistering flow, Son is crazy dope with his.  First part is natural born spitter stuff (10 minutes), a short interlude, second part is a conceptual rap/spoken word piece based on a Graphics novel he collaborated on.
"I was in the Belgium Congo hacking off limbs, in Rwanda, a Cancer, doing the same thing!"

If you dare to pick up Mic devices this is exactly how you should aim to spit



This African Gal can wine o!


Death By 350+ Thousand Viking Cuts

Iceland, a nation the size of my native London borough of Lewisham. Sit back, picture it. No for real. I honestly used to think the whole conquering invading Viking army stuff was just a bunch of fairy tales.  I sat in St. Thomas A&E, in shorts and an old Rasta logo'd t-shirt, I watched incredulously as Iceland thrashed England comprehensively over 90 minutes
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die."
I watched as Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, et. al reverted back to type, unable to complete two passes without the Vikings intercepting and nicking the ball off them.  The rest of the team would have been better off playing for Jamaica and wherever else their parents are from.  It was embarrassing to watch, children crying, old men clutching their failing hearts, women wailing.  I watched the English Nation die, death by a thousand cuts.  The Vikings didn't even have to use their axes last night.

It was awful.

I had to look away.

It's been put to us as a shock exit by the media.  It was anything but.  bloodbath.  Like Brexit nothing shocks me anymore.  Little Engerlund.  How the English managed to colonise most of Asia and Africa I do not know.  Must be the handiwork their Scottish overseer minions.  Can't even bring myself to say better luck next time, it would be undeserved. You know, what's great about England is that you can have no expectations and they'll still disappoint you.

by the way my quote from earlier is from the classic movie Blade Runner. watch it.


So, if there are 320,000+ Icelanders now in 2016, how many of them where there back in the Viking days?  10,000? boggles the mind they even had enough men to manage conquering Lewisham, let alone the UK Isles

Monday, 27 June 2016

On Beautiful Black People And Jesse Williams BET Awards Speech (video)

random, but where my thoughts are at this moment.  it's incredibly incredibly hard to take Black Entertainment Television Networks (BET) seriously. BET is owned by Viacom, the most corporate of media machines.  Viacom care about Black People as far as there is monetary value to be extracted.  Shame the previous African American owners chose to sell up.  Kinda reminds me of Choice FM here in the UK.  

Nothing wrong with selling a private outfit for a profit, but sometimes controlling the narrative must trump the desire to make a profit.  Viacom can shutdown BET overnight if it chooses too and no one can do nowt.  Choose who you sell your media to very carefully.

Regardless. big up Jesse Williams award speech.  Says a lot about America that a gentleman of clearly Black and White mixed heritage identifies very strongly/completely as Black.  Regardless. We must continue speaking out.  

Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real 

(vice.com article, White People Think Black people are magical, 2014). White people, in fear and in awe of us, all at the same time. Might explain the racism no? Kinda jealous me thinks







On Brexit, Conservatives and Conspiracy Theories

So Brexit is done and dusted, the Great Unwashed have spoken.

The majority vote was for the UK to leave the European Union. London vs Up North, London lost.  On one hand I'm think bad idea, strength in numbers, avoid World War III, free travel and trade, that sort of thing.  On the other I'm thinking like why not if that's what the people want? What exactly is the danger of leaving the Union anyway? After all many a country across the globe go it alone without some Uber union dictating things.  There was a touch of arrogance to the proceedings but reading between the lines I saw something very manipulative about the whole thing.

This was an election conducted by the Tories, For the Tories. David Cameron vs. Boris Johnson, partnering with Nigel Farage.  Labour, Lib Dems, The Green Party didn't get a look in.  The fact that Cameron didn't really reach out to them to back his Remain Campaign said it all.  It's been played out like Cameron's made this huge mistake in calling a referendum.  I'm definitely not with StupidTM. Really makes one wonder if all this wasn't decided ages ago and we the people, the backdrop to a very crafty manipulation, props/pawns to legitimize it.  Expected Corbyn to fight, but whether he wouldn't or couldn't I don't know.  There was zero power to the Remain campaign.

I don't know what is to be gained here but this story isn't over yet, there is definitely much more to come (out).  Conspiracy Theory afoot.  We wait for WikiLeaks.

btw, I didn't vote, couldn't care less about In or Out. OK, I'll be paying more for a British plumber after the Polish guy goes home, be poorer for it. No more cheap Ibiza raving holidays.  Still couldn't care less.

Ed's Note: Apathetic much ey Sir?

PS: What's this  I heard on a few news items about Black and Asian long term immigrants supporting the Vote Leave campaign.  Wonders never cease.  Like Mutabaruka sings "It no good to stay inna white man country too long!"


On an interesting note, if we are to believe this isn't a Conservative staged event, it appears Boris Johnson has been check-mated by David Cameron.  Delicious article here:


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Done! London To Brighton ride, June 19th 2016.

The London 2 Brighton ride was great. Despite the exertion of (late-ish) preparations, a late birthday drink up, hustle and bustle of life, I still managed to catch 20 winks and put metal to the pedal for 7 am last Sunday.  Got over most of the hills easy this time, but still didn't conquer Ditchling Beacon, got half way before dismounting (we call it Bitchling Deacon).

Steep, winding round the hill for a mile or so, Ditchling is one hell of a challenge to cycle up.  I'll sign up for the September ride, I must conquer that hill this year!  We took one of the guys, Theo, on the ride and for a first timer he did great, said he now understood why we rode so much, the adrenaline rush, eyes puffing out on the hills, great of the body and soul.

As ever, I'm always on the look out for co-riders so yeah, holla if you ready to go in hard.

Friday, 17 June 2016

TGIF: Memories Dub

wikid wikid wikid dub! The Viceroys "Memories", taken off Memories-Iroko Showcase Vol. 2

Always loved their music, beautiful voices.  As I prepare for Sunday's ride I will be rinsing their back catalogue, get my fucking mind right.

oi! be cool, be safe!

"I can't forget my roots and culture"

Friday, 10 June 2016

TGIF: Mashed and Brock up

Three days of riding and two days of gym has left me completely smashed.  Really hurts to touch myself (no! not that way! dutty).  Ankles aching, knees swollen, slight lethargy.  I'm getting old.

Used to be back in the days I could do all that and eat a 2B lead pencil. It's good, preparations for the yearly London 2 Brighton coming on nicely.  The ride has almost become existential, spiritual even.  A lot of my co-riders have dropped off over the last two years, only two of us left from the original crew of ten.

60 KM on a summer-ish Sunday morning is not for everybody.

My best memories came from my last ride. Actually I lie, one of the best (2014) was getting to the outskirts of Croydon area and this Dreadlocks Rasta randomly joining the ride. Said he was on his way to see a brethren but thought our ride looked more fun, so yeah. #random.  Another were these two guys doing the ride on Boris Bikes, licking the competition.  They must have been professional riders, trying to style it like everyday Joe. Probably paid by Boris himself.

Last year's ride was different, the first time I've done the whole stretch by myself.  Steve and his eager self had shot off in the distance, I couldn't be arsed chasing after him.  It was just bliss, me thinking of life, getting into convos with random people, brock up and sweaty but very chilled.  I could have ridden off into the proverbial sunset that day.

Still, that little British Heart Foundation medallion at the end makes it all worthwhile. Good luck son. Now quit moaning!


How can I do a TGIF post without some fun? Remember, have fun, play safe. x


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Rewind Selektah! Crossroads Riddim

Yesterday I was going on about Kabaka Pyramid and his choon Too Long over the Crossroads Riddim.  Had that on repeat for a minute. Some riddims just bring out the best in the artists that sing over them and Crossroads is one.  Very righteous, mellow, peaceful. I've run out of superlatives.  Produced by the Notis HeavyWeightRockaz crew it's a riddim that's more than it's weight in gold. classic already.

Nuff talking, enjoy a selection starting with Bushman's incredible love song Burning Love

"Your love is burning like furnace in the night! And I can't just get you off my mind".  Makes me wanna make many babies :~)

***Ed's Note: No mention of Vanessa Lee Bongo's "Avenues"? shame on you!

fixed! ps: did I say you the best? what will I do without your blog?

Morgan Heritage everyday!

Talking of Morgan Heritage and riddims, memories come to mind.  Last time I really checked for a Riddim heavy was the Automatic riddim which had singers like Marcia Griffiths, Busy Signal, Richie Spice, Morgan Heritage.

"when a 20,000 rise up against me though not one of them can come smithe me!".  Jah will never let you down.  One of my fav artists was Queen Ifrica, "lioness on the rise" was a killah track!

Penthouse  Records ruled the roost on this one.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Jesus Christ, Son Of Jahovia b/w Jah9 b/w Kabaka Pyramid

"Music A bubble! Steamers A bubble! The Fiyah Just A blaze Up!" ... Jah9 gotta be one of my fav Reggae songstresses at the moment!

"We hitch inna Rome fi too long, too long!".  The lyrics to Kabaka Pyramid's "Too Long" resonates deeply.  Some days riding through Babylon on my bicycle tires me out, just wanna fuck off home. Never mind that. The Crossroads Riddim is fiyah!

Kabaka Pyramid will be a legend in time ...

R.I.P: Our Heroes Are Dead

Seems like everyday another Icon passes away. Prince, Ali, Kimbo Slice and now the sad this morning of Stephen Keshi.. In honour of them all

Muhammad Ali, 74

Stephen Keshi, 54 (Nigeria Coach, Winner of Africa Cup of Nations As Coach And Player)

Prince, 57
Kimbo Slice, Iconic MMA Fighter, 42

Friday, 3 June 2016

TGIF! Slimster got Beatz!

been checking out this breddah ike slimster (http://www.ikeslimster.com/) for a minute and he's been grinding on Soundcloud for a minute. sick on the boards. he flips French's "All The Way Up" on an Afrobeat tip. 

this Igbo boy is dope!


:) All the track needs now is a Skepta, Phyno or Wiz kid spitting all over it

TGIF people. You know the rules. Be safe

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Still Cool's "To Be Poor Is A Crime" b/w Freddie McGregor's Big Ship

Big choon! Artist Still Cool rinses the classic song "To Be Poor Is A Crime" he penned back in 1977.  Imagine that. I always thought it was a Freddie McGregor original.  Regardless it remains a timeless classic.  the magic and love of Reggae.  

Hootananny Brixton always impresses, great venue for a Sunday night drop in for a spot of classics.  The repeated chants of Jah Rastafari warms the heart.  Big up! Cecil Reuben and his crew for this fantastic night.

^^^ at this point I'd be going braaaap! braaaap! as the DJ reloads

But there is no effin' way I can conclude this post without Freddie's classic.  Hold on steady ...