Friday, 8 July 2016

Fuck The Police

I feel very depressed about the shootings (execution) of the two African American brethren by wazungu Police in America over the last two days. Been watching the 24 hour rolling news, twitter, tumblr and I'm feeling all types of suffocating emotions. Anger, hopelessness, pain, murderous mindset, emotions overwhelming me.  I'm fucking fed up of it

This is 2016 and we are still dealing with this level of criminal murderous institutionalised racism? Doesn't America have a Black President?  You'd think we were back in 1966 during Malcolm X's time. Oh wait ..

I don't know, will revisit this when I clear my head.  Fuck the police

Monday, 4 July 2016

The Festival of The New Yam

I really don't wish the week I just had upon anyone.

Baby son rushed to hospital for emergency surgery, car mashed up by a lorry on the way home from A&E, Insurers writing off car in all of a heated 10 minutes phone call, a trillion calls negotiating right off, A&E stretching routine stitching to a two day affair, endless back and forth trips, 5-0 pulling me over and telling me to take car off the road.

By yesterday night I was completely done being royally pissed off and just plain jaded.  Seriously the system is designed to win all the time.  Clear head, went to Stewie my mechanic, wanting to know if insurers were wrong to right off. Turns out no, replacement part is £1,300+.  I just looked at dude, like really? Buying a new printer and the cost of replacing the ink cartridge comes to mind.  Like I said, the system's got you no matter what.

"Brethren, take the insurance money, but make sure you give them all your servicing receipts, them man are thief"


I honestly don't know what to make of Religious Education in the UK primary and secondary educational system. My 9 year old had me jacked helping him do his international religious week diary.  He and two class friends had chosen to research Diwali, the Hindu festival of Light.  Out of curiosity I look at the choices of international religions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.  Zilch on African Traditional Religion.  Nothing related to Africa.  Not even a pretend mention.  An incredibly rich tapestry of spiritual practices, a body of intricate observances.  Completely overlooked as if it doesn't exist.  I thought of Rastafarianism, Obeah, Vodun. I felt very uneasy with this "international" list.  My son's class is predominantly African/Caribbean.  It's like in the UK educational system African and Caribbean children don't exist within the cultural, religious, historical, and traditional spectrum.

A cynical man would say it was a deliberate ploy to destroy heritage.  A very old one.

It's time I have to keep up with the counter narrative

Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer In London


But you know what, double fuck London's shite weather.  For real.  So some Kela Futi to brighten up the mood :))))