Friday, 5 May 2017

Chris Brown Friday!

^^ :)) the title makes sense later

The Italians, a confusing bunch, can be very warm and welcoming.

When I worked in Rome I had no shortage of work colleagues taking me back to their homes for dinner, meet the family, etc. To date I still don't think I've ever visited any of my London work colleagues at home (who are not Nigerian or Caribbean).  Did go to Andrej's daughter's birthday, but he's from Ukraine.  I'll lump him with the Nigerian/Caribbean camp.  Back to the Italians. Yes, warm, but can be racist/fascist at the flip of a switch.  As a foreigner you are never quite sure how to relate.

This all comes to mind with the recent racist incident involving Ghanaian football star, Sulley Muntari. Sulley plays for Italian side Pescara.  During a game he was persistently racially abused by a section of the opponent's fans.  He complained to the referee but got a yellow card for his troubles. Now he's received a one match ban, an accumulation of yellow cards from previous games. Why did he gIn 2017? Ridiculous is putting it lightly! Leaves a bad taste.

I remember starting work at a Mobile firm, Wind, located in the swanky district of Torre Spaccata, a couple of days before the big local derby between rivals Roma and Lazio.  Was mad excited because I followed Roma at the time, my colleagues in massive arguments about who was better, everyone gearing up to go to the game.  I asked one of them if I could get a ticket to the match.  All round silence, people staring at the floor.  One of the guys, Marco, then broke down the science, explaining the massive problem with racism in the stands towards Black fans and players, how I'd get abused, kicked and spat on if I dared to attend.  Being an Arsenal fan and used to the Highbury cheery banter, yes abusive at times, and general camaraderie I was weirded out being told all this.  The colour of my skin a big problem to these guys?

This set the tone to my six month stint in Rome.  You just started to experience shit here and there. I suffered a couple of blatant incidents during my time.  Was very amused when some random guy spat at my feet outside St Peter's Basilica, mumbling how "Your kind" is not wanted here, spoiling for a fight.  I admit, felt vulnerable at the time, being alone and all.  Another time some fascist type bumped me at a bus stop, my guy Marco almost getting into a fight with him.  Marco advised me to start taking another route to work, that these fascist guys were very active in that area.  I even ended up in an argument with one manager, Sicilian guy, Olindo, when he remarked "You work like the Blacks", apparently some old Sicilian reference to hard working people.  Told him you couldn't say shit like that in this day and age.  Our friendship cooled after that.  I loved my time in Rome but these incidents told me it's not a place to live in.  Fuck that shit

Sulley, hold your head up


Chris Brown Friday!  Lol, I made that up.  But bwai! The man can dance! fucking talented

He makes it all look so damn easy

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Milo Berosa's waistline, featuring Chris Brown's "Privacy".  pow!