Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Biology Is Technology

Oshiorenoya Agabi, Neurotechnology Entrepreneur.  Nigerian born, silicon valley engineer.

Listened with interest when I heard him on BBC World service breakfast news report.  His startup powers research in the area of fusing bio cells onto computational hardware. I can't say I've heard of his field. but ...

Think Cyborg.  yup, you right


Saw the movie 1984 again last night.  Cognitive Dissonance at its finest. Talking about Cognitive Dissonance ...

Monday, 21 August 2017

You Loooooook So Good Fantastic Man!

My son called me while I was out last night.  "Dad! Dad! Your song's on the new iPhone 7 advert!". Huh? My song? "Which song?"

William Onyeabor! R.I.P, still going.  Big up to Luaka Bop for making this 70s Legend famous again.  "Fantastic Man" is such a great song, crazy synths, super funky, was always playing on the radio back in my childhood days.  


If you buy one record this year ...


Legends man.  BBC World Service announced Mr. Dick Gregory passed away a few days ago, very sad news.  Dick Gregory was a great Civil Rights activist and a very funny comedian.  And a rago conspiracy theorist to boot.  Claim to fame is he ran for US President in 1968, inspired John Lennon to write "Imagine".  Didn't know of him till recently, lots of videos on YouTube, outrageous/outlandish comments, lots of wit and all round cool guy who cared very much for his African American community.

Friday, 18 August 2017

TGIF! Future Beats from Andromeda

tgif beautiful people! hope you have a relaxing weekend coming up, full of fun or straight up chillaxin' and feet up.  Whatever you doing have a nice one


DJ Complexion on soundcloud.com has become my go-to guy for chilled out futuristic beats.  From trapped out soul to Lo-Fi hip hop to electronic Ambient goodness, it's complete chill.  Playing out of London, dude has been dropping podcasts shows on soundcloud.com for four years, 154 2-hours long shows deep.

What I love about Complexion is his vocal interludes and engagement with subscribers, his super positive outlook to life.  When I feel down his podcasts are my fix

DJ Complexion

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Reunion b/w Jacket b/w Wyclef Jean

Goosebumps! A secondary school days friend of mine started a WhatsApp reunion group.  25 heads deep, and it's been pure joy for the last few days.  Lots of those guys I haven't spoken too in over 30 years!  Someone reminded me they sent me a BBM request some years back? ey? BBM? Whats that?

But jest aside, it's been a trip down memory lane.  We attended a particularly tough Catholic boarding school back in Nigeria, infamous for it's super strict discipline, corporal punishment and all.  Why my Dad sent me there I will never know.  I was troublesome a child, probably thought they'd straighten me out or something.  It was no joke a school but we breezed the five years, came out the other side alive.  Old school pictures posted up, some guys posting current pictures of themselves, family etc.  Was amazing seeing all these guys, how some had changed in appearance, some still the same.  People really don't change much. The argumentative guys still the same, the cheekiness, the jokers still cracking everyone up.  Sadly a few of our old heads had passed (R.I.P).  We reminisced about the good times and the bad.  Hopefully next year we'll all meet up back in Nigeria and break bread.  It's been a very long time


Had a really good chuckle with a girlfriend of mine last night

"whats up?"
"bare jokes! can you imagine! just been told some guy is claiming to be my father"
"I know!"
"I don't know, too much to take in"
"Have you asked your mother?"
"Jacket tings boy! drama"

We could help but burst out laughing though it's not a laughing matter.  Nuff people walking around, calling dudes their father when they could be anything but.  Only the mother knows.  We await further information

A few years back a friend of mine found out his 10 year old son wasn't his.  Left him really bitter as he had been separated from the mother who had been giving him pure hell.  Denied visits, child support court cases, the lot.  As usual these things come to light in the strangest ways.  One a rare sleep over young son was sick and my boy rushed him to hospital. Well, you know the rest.  After a few major blow ups with the mother they've been reunited again.  My dude sees the boy as his son regardless, did the right thing.  You can't magic away 10 years.  Bless


Wyclef Jean! Talented, dare I say underrated? Debatable when you've sold millions of albums.  Really loved his first solo album "The Carnival".  This is apparently off Carnival 3

Below is an interesting interview he had with the Drink Champs crew.  An unreconstructed rowdy lot, un-PC, smoke and drink, but if you persist with the video there are lots of gems

Monday, 14 August 2017

Great Britain's 4x100m women's relay team


Great Britain's 4x100m women's relay team Daryll Neita, Dina Asher-Smith, Desiree Henry and Asha Philip

The BBC studio couch was popping with crazy crazy chocolate as these gals were interviewed. I was dumb mesmerized just watching the ladies talk.  

*fans himself, calls up the local Imam for conversion classes*

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Selective vs. Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Or Unconditional Basic Income.  In my last post I mentioned the Y Combinator mooting the idea of benefits for all, a living wage of sorts.  I thought that's all it was, a mooted idea.  But appears these guys ain't playing.  YouTube is awash with debates on the issue.  The weird bit is the proponents say this is something that should be paid to everybody - rich and poor. huh? something about removal of class structures. yeah?

Switzerland in 2016 put the idea to vote in a referendum.

Not to be confused with means tested social security (like we have in the UK):
selective versus universal benefits. selective versus universal benefits A major dispute concerning the organization of welfare regimes, addressing the issue of whether welfare should be delivered selectively to those in need, or universally as claims that individuals make of each other as members of a community - http://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences/dictionaries-thesauruses-pictures-and-press-releases/selective-versus-universal-benefits
I must admit my alarm at the CEO's statement was the elitist tone of it.  I also have no clue what's in place these day in the world of Social Benefits payments.  You don't have to work, we'll automate and AI everything and you can just sit and home and do whatever it is you poor-ish people do.  So it appears the idea has been around (with the differing agendas), though I can't decide in my little head if it's fundamentally a Left-leaning or some sort of Neo-Liberal construct/idea. You know these things better, please enlighten me.

"it should come as a warning sign when the richest men in the room are advocating UBI"

I'm with BadMouse's video above, all good but ultimately not in our interest.  One of the few videos that really critiques this "great idea".

I know one thing.  I'd rather work for my living, whether it be low end sweeping the streets of Catford or high end programming Artificial Intelligent machine (which will of course take my job, make me redundant - quick, someone, publish the kill switch codes!).  I want some control on my life.  Yeah, more leisure time to learn how to play a fucking piano or hand glide.  Yes utopia.  But I'm not ready to give up the one bargaining chip I have left in my interactions with the machine.


I've been on Darker Than Wax crew for a minute.  Top quality mixes from Soul, Funk, R&B to experimental Trap music and Afrobeats. Those boys don't sleep

Monday, 7 August 2017

Since You Been Gone

May since my last (non-)post? Has it really been that long?  I guess the old cliche "Time flies when you grinding hard" ain't so cliched.  So what's gwan? Many tings though I'd say life as usual.  Anything but (I'll leave out the sordid details)

Still slaving for the machine, reading the Guardian, tumblr (not so much these days), soundclouding (ain't that supposed to shut down soon?), watching Red Pill and Blue Pill on Brother Rich's Youtube channel ("Red and Blue Purple like Prince! Red and Blue Purple like Prince!").  The song annoys the wife, the kids love it.  Hip Hop heads unite!

My middle son's become the nightmare to the other two, straight up causing mayhem around the house. Cracks me up that one, I remember being as naughty (yes, I'm the middle one of the siblings), so bad I had to go to school in a separate car, my dad that exasperated with my antics (and tired of beating my ass).  Like his daddy little dude can be a delight to chit chat with.  Whip smart (yup, we do intelligence), watches the news, very attentive.  Till he decides he's had enough and puts lego pieces down his elder brother's back or snatches baby brother's pac-man toy.  I do the faux-telling-off parenty bit ("You little shit! Go to your room! Now!"), but inside I'm laughing my head off.

Did a UK holiday (Margate) for the first time.  Brock pockit, Brexit, alladat, means no more expensive holidays to foreign lands.  Buy British! Must say, I quite enjoyed it, beach on sunny days (if 19 - 21° C counts :-), visits to Dover, Canterbury on the rainy-ish days.  White Cliffs of Dover was popping! visited the famous light-house.  Place has a wikid tea room, full up of all types of cakes and Chinese kids on some cultural exchange ting.  Yeah, could have really done with a visit to Ghana/Gambia/Egypt/Nigeria but affording holidays for a family of five is beyond my pay grade.  Can't wait for those sprogs to grow and leave the yard so I can get back to my type of holidays.

God Bless the children


What really goes on in Silicon Valley? The billionaire venture capitalists and Tech startups pride themselves on innovation, disruptors as they call themselves.  But at what price? This cloaking in warm and fuzzy terms like "Social Media" means we sometimes fail to see what they really represent, ask the right questions.  Cold hard cash by another name

Watched this really great documentary, Secrets Of Silicon Valley, on BBC iPlayer.  The presenter explores what disruption really means beyond the confines of the bubble that is the valley.  Uber in India, Airbnb in Barcelona, driver-less trucks in the US that will put thousands of truck drivers out of work, AI advances in medical diagnosis.  The social implications (negative and positive) and the hard questions that tends to get overlooked in this march to Technology Utopia. Really fascinating documentary.

Puts things in perspective.  The Tech giants are starting to outgrow political control (in the US at least), doing stuff that leaves little room for debate on the pros and cons.  In most cases these technological advances are not properly understood by those empowered to legislate.

The arrogance of these young startups is astounding and worrying. The presenter interviewed this dude who heads up Y Combinator, a startup that nurtures and greenlights other tech startups.  The founder and head is this young 32 year old guy, regulation jeans and tshirt.  He barely entertained the presenter's questions on disruption, visibly irritated by questions that touched on the social implications, completely dismissive.  The questions turned around to his "innovative" idea that in the future the 1% might consider paying a "living wage" to the Great Unwashed who will lose their menial jobs to AIs and advances in Automation. Some kind of Benefits 2.0.  The presenter was aghast at his lack of irony.  Like you see nothing odd in this outcome?  What? people just sit at home on the "dole", ambition discouraged?  The Master of the Universe got even more irritated.

For someone whose company is valued at $80 billion dollars he expressed zero empathy.  Not the sort of guy you want determining your future.  Is what happens when Tech positions itself as a force for Social Change.  These dudes are as cold as the servers that run their software platforms.  

Watched another video that might explain the super focussed, deadpan, disconnected attitude.  Microdosing LSD Productivity Hack ey?  Interesting ...

I have no words