Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Selective vs. Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Or Unconditional Basic Income.  In my last post I mentioned the Y Combinator mooting the idea of benefits for all, a living wage of sorts.  I thought that's all it was, a mooted idea.  But appears these guys ain't playing.  YouTube is awash with debates on the issue.  The weird bit is the proponents say this is something that should be paid to everybody - rich and poor. huh? something about removal of class structures. yeah?

Switzerland in 2016 put the idea to vote in a referendum.

Not to be confused with means tested social security (like we have in the UK):
selective versus universal benefits. selective versus universal benefits A major dispute concerning the organization of welfare regimes, addressing the issue of whether welfare should be delivered selectively to those in need, or universally as claims that individuals make of each other as members of a community -
I must admit my alarm at the CEO's statement was the elitist tone of it.  I also have no clue what's in place these day in the world of Social Benefits payments.  You don't have to work, we'll automate and AI everything and you can just sit and home and do whatever it is you poor-ish people do.  So it appears the idea has been around (with the differing agendas), though I can't decide in my little head if it's fundamentally a Left-leaning or some sort of Neo-Liberal construct/idea. You know these things better, please enlighten me.

"it should come as a warning sign when the richest men in the room are advocating UBI"

I'm with BadMouse's video above, all good but ultimately not in our interest.  One of the few videos that really critiques this "great idea".

I know one thing.  I'd rather work for my living, whether it be low end sweeping the streets of Catford or high end programming Artificial Intelligent machine (which will of course take my job, make me redundant - quick, someone, publish the kill switch codes!).  I want some control on my life.  Yeah, more leisure time to learn how to play a fucking piano or hand glide.  Yes utopia.  But I'm not ready to give up the one bargaining chip I have left in my interactions with the machine.


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